Case study: hair fashion - Marketing Essay Example

1.In the 1990s hair fashion became an international business as there was a new branch set up in the United States - Case study: hair fashion introduction. 2.Becoming a national business makes the company and brand better known. It also gives more of a variety of customers and helps the company build more salons. 3.Being an international business may not always be simple. In different countries they may have different outcome depending where the branches are situated. If one branch is in the middle of a city surrounded by other buildings or shops that are offering the same service or product then it may be harder to gain more profit. Also if you were an international business, you would need to set up a HQ to monitor and liaise with the other branches of the company. This would mean recruiting more employees and paying rent or buying a building.

4.The internet is a helpful tool which, if businesses choose, they can become and international or global business even without setting up a store in that country. However, they would need to have a warehouse to keep the stock so it can easily be shipped to customers in different countries. The company’s website can be seen by everyone and companies can also pay other companies to advertise on their website, giving them more people viewing their website and buying their products.


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