CASE STUDY – HESI – Chronic Pancreatitis

To support the admitting diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, which question should the nurse ask Jared?
How often do you drink alcohol, and when was your last drink?
Which laboratory data indicated that Jared is experiencing acute pancreatitis?
Amylase of 982 U/L and lipase of 400 U/L
Which medication should the nurse expect to administer to relieve Jared’s pain?
Morphine 5 mg IV push administered diluted over 5 minutes.
Which diet should the nurse expect the HCP to prescribe for Jared?
Nothing by mouth.
Which intervention should the nurse implement prior to transferring Jared to the floor?
Insert a nasogastric tube and connect to low, intermittent suction.

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Which intervention regarding positioning should the nurse implement to help alleviate Jared’s pain?
Encourage side lying with legs drawn to chest.
Which intervention should the nurse include in the plan of care?
Administer oxygen via nasal cannula.
Which intervention should the nurse implement prior to administering TPN?
Assist the HCP with a subclavian line insertion.
The nurse should anticipate that the TPN bag will be empty in how many hours?
Which independent nursing action regarding the client’s nutritional status should the nurse include when caring for Jared?
Obtain and record a daily weight.
Which task can the nurse delegate to the UAP when caring for Jared?
Obtain a blood glucose reading.
What action should the nurse take?
Administer D10W via the infusion pump at 75 mL/hr
Which nursing intervention has the highest priority when preparing Jared for discharge?
Explain the importance of alcohol abstinence.
Which action should the nurse include when providing discharge teaching?
Discuss ways to deal with stressful situations and avoid stress if possible.
Which statement by the nurse provides the best response to Jared’s comment?
I will contact your HCP to discuss this with you.
Which question should the nurse ask Jared prior to the ERCP?
When was the last time you had anything to eat or drink?
What intervention has the highest priority when caring for Jared after the procedure?
Assess the client’s pulse and blood pressure.
How should the nurse respond?
This is common in persons with chronic pancreatitis.
Which statement accurately explains the scientific rationale for the use of omeprazole (Prilosec)?
Omeprazole (Prilosec) decreases gastric secretions.
How should the nurse proceed when teaching Jared about this mediation?
Determine if Jared is allergic to any type of pork.
Which additional instruction regarding the use of pancrelipase (Cotazym) is important for the nurse to include?
Take the medication with meals or snacks.
When the nurse is discussing the complications of chronic pancreatitis with Jared and his wife, which information should be included in the teaching? (Select all that apply.)
-The need to monitor blood glucose levels.
-That recurring attacks tend to become more severe in nature.
Which action should the nurse encourage Jared to take?
Weigh weekly and report any significant weight loss.
How should the nurse respond?
It is a support group that uses a 12-step recovery program to quit drinking.
How should the nurse respond?
There are no dues or fees to attend the meetings.
How should the nurse respond to Jared’s question?
Jared, if you don’t stop drinking, this disease may kill you.
Which nursing intervention will be most beneficial in helping Jared and his wife plan for the future if he is unable to modify his lifestyle?
Discuss the need to complete an Advance Directive.
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