Case Study: Moral Panics Essay

The case study is a 1000 word write-up of your own reading of a moral panic relating to youth or a youth subculture/neo-tribe. You need to locate a media text (advertisement, newspaper article, website, youtube clip, song, etc. ) that embodies the moral panic relating to youth OR belongs to the youth subculture/neo-tribe that you discuss. Your write up needs to have three parts. a/ You need to clearly explain, with reference to relevant literature, the kind of example you are discussing.

I. e. Is it a moral panic or a subculture/neotribe? How are you defining these terms? / Explain your contemporary example of subculture or moral panic. For example, you might discuss the moral panic around binge drinking or lads subculture. Explain how you have defined the panic/subculture/neo-tribe and link it to the theory from Week 1. c/ Be persuasive. Make a strong case for why your example is a good example of a moral panic, subculture, or neo-tribe.

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Case Study: Moral Panics
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Case Study –Moral Panics The example to be discussed in this paper is one of a moral panic developed in media coverage of the suicide pact involving two Melbourne teenagers in 2007.

I will majoritatively focus on the article entitled “Death pact girls’ friends ‘at risk’” which is attributed to Australian Associated Press (AAP). While the article identifies subcuture/s and links the panic to these, the broader subject of the concerned piece is one of the possibility of a growing trend and the tone is panicked and urgent. I have prescribed the article into the moral panic category with reference to S. Cohen’s article and its definition as, ‘A threat to societal values and interests; its nature presented in a stylized and stereotypical fashion by the mass media. ’

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