Case Study Osteoporosis

What symptoms were discovered that allowed doctors to think that Marissa’s grandmother had osteoporosis?
chronic hip and wrist pain
build bone
destroys bone
Two types of bone tissue
concellous (spongy) and compact
Calcium and bones
Calcium helps muscles, nerves and cells work normal, which in turn make you body have healthy bones. Bones are the storage place for calcium. The bodies calcium comes from the food you eat the supplements you take.

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Risk factors
Not enough vitamin D, not getting enough exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating disorders, gender, race, family history, body size, and hormonal levels
What did Jeremy decide to do to increase his muscle mass that could be detrimental to his overall bone health?
he drank too much
Explain what peak bone mass is and its relationship to osteoporosis.
Peak bone mass refers to the point in which bone stops developing and reaches its maximum strength and density. Therefore, if bones are not developed fully or do not have enough density before they reach their peak bone mass, then there can be great chance for early and prolonged Osteoporosis.
Explain how long term use of steroids may increase the risk of osteoporosis.
The long term effect of steroids increases your chance of getting osteoporosis because when you take steroids it makes your bones smaller. If bones are smaller, then they become easier to break.
At what stage in menopause was Eleanor during this case?
Explain how estrogen affects calcium levels in bones.
Estrogen increases calcium levels in bones.
What is HRT, and who is it intended for?
HRT is Hormone Replacement Therapy, and it augments the body’s normal hormone level. HRT is intended for women who have had a hysterectomy.
Based on medical studies, what are the pros and cons of HRT?
Pros of HRT are that is helps control the symptoms of menopause. Cons of HRT are pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and breast cancer.
Discuss the effects of sodium, caffeine, and alcohol on calcium levels in the body.
Sodium interferes with the calcium levels in the body, and having high blood pressure puts more calcium in urine. Caffeine can reduce bone mass and increase fracture risk.
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