Case Study: Susan Essay

Sarah is a 29-year old female completing her first year of residency at a hospital in Southern California - Case Study: Susan Essay introduction. Sarah was born to parents who immigrated to the United States in the early 1980’s. Sarah is a born and raised United States Citizen who was born in extreme poverty. She spent much of her early years sharing a room with her mother and father living in a family friends’ house in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Sarah’s parents were physically unable to give her the attention she needed because of the two jobs they both worked.

As Sarah grew older, she began to understand the struggle her parents went through to ensure she had a fair chance at living the American dream. Grateful for her parents, she tried and helped with as much as she could, while maintaining good grades in school. As soon as Sarah turned 16, she began to look for a part-time job so that she was able to provide for her family. Throughout High School, Sarah was forced to sacrifice having a social life so that she was able to work in her free time bussing tables at a local Italian restaurant.

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Sarah greatly feared that if she did not keep up her education, she would have let her parents down after the hardship they put themselves through to ensure she had a better life. Her biggest goal was to become successful so that she could in turn, return the favor and provide for her parents as they did with her. When it became time to graduate High School, Sarah became enthralled with the idea of becoming a Political Science major. She was keen on social issues and really analyzing taboo subjects.

Sarah was the captain of the Speech and Debate team in High School and really gained a passion for it as it was remotely her only source of a “social life”. Intrigued with political science, and accustomed to the idea of being very involved with her academics, Sarah continued speech and debate in college. The professors and staff at Sarah’s university were very enthusiastic academically, and most notably, her Biology professor proved to be a great influence to Sarah. In fact, such a powerful influence Sarah often found herself referring to his words, even two years after she took his class.

It was not until after Sarah graduated University and obtained her B. S in Political Science, where she realized her true greatest life fear. Sarah discovered her greatest life’s fear was to ultimately not be happy with what she was doing professionally. Without much thought, she returned to school with the aspirations of obtaining an M. D. Sarah continues to thank her Biology professor for influencing her in the field she was most happy in, she is currently completing her first year of her residency with 2 more to go before obtaining her license. Sarah is a woman of hope, ambition, drive and hard-work.

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