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Case Study System Security Facebook Privacy

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Privacy of Backbone In creating a account in backbone , it is easy , you must fill up the form , it includes the personal Information of yours. In the privacy settings, there are questions for example “who can see my stuffed? ” this is a example of privacy question , you can choose, first public if you want all of the users effaceable can see this, second friends – all of your backbone friends will see what did you post and lastly only me – no one can see your post unless you give permission your closest friends.

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Case Study System Security Facebook Privacy
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Creating an account In backbone Is easy, you must have a valid email address, so that you can e the news feed of your backbone in or out that site. In uploading photos, It is easy to upload photos on the backbone site, It’s up to you on how you manage the privacy settings of your uploading photos, downloading photos, and some people hacked the account and used the face or personality in some rumor topic.

On the other side backbone Is big help specially In searching of an old friends, a colleagues and etc. Cost of the people, has a backbone, they update the things that they work, they used backbone to expressed their feelings. I will give a rating based on the Information security principle, 5 as highest and 1 Is lowest. The confidentiality of backbone for me is 4 1 rated this because its confidentiality has a set of rules that limit access or places restriction on its certain type of information. The integrity of backbone for me is 4 because it is in your hand on how you post your status, on how you post you photos.

The availability for me Is 5 because you have a right to choose on where you shared your post. The identification on backbone , I rated this as 5, because at first creating an account Is easy but, if you didn’t have a valid email address , that will connect In the backbone, Identifying the personality of the person who want this social media outwork site. 1 OFF verification codes, and you must verify your account on your email address. The accountability on backbone, I rated this as 3 the account is a easy to trace there is no security, unless you block the person who you didn’t want to look on your post.

The Privacy settings of twitter The twitter is an online social networking service that enables its users to send and read based messages up to 140 characters known as “tweets”, mostly celebrity used this social networking site. A twitter is like a backbone, but there is a difference, in twitter you can post a assuage as 140 characters only, this is a good rules in tweets, because limiting your post is the way on how you think about of all your tweets.

In uploading photos in twitter there is no limitation, there is no privacy, if someone is following on you, your all post will be repost or rewet. The confidentiality is 2 because there’s no secret will not reveal if you post or tweet in the twitter. The integrity is 3 the information that will tweet by the person you follow is not correct us you will know. The availability is 5 all of the information is readily available. The identification is 5 like in backbone the account you are creating has a

The authentication, I rated this as 5, the account you are creating has a The accountability is 3 there is possibility of tracing actions and events back in rhea privacy settings of youth A Youth is a video sharing website on which users can upload, share and view Dados. In creating an account in youth, once you have a valid account or email you can, create a new account. In uploading a videos, there is a settings choose public, private and unlisted, the public all of those users can viewed the videos, private is like a customized contact in backbone, the unlisted is like a only me , or restriction for your own only.

The confidentiality is 4 it’s nice that there is a privacy setting in uploading a video, but sometimes a child can find some unusual videos for them. The integrity of the Infinite, rate is 4 there is a trustworthiness. Availability rate is 4 the information is readily available. The identification like other social networking site there is a identifying of your personality if it is true. The authentication rate is 5 there is deterioration codes and verification message on the valid account of yours. The accountability is rate as 3, the action and events are in ordered lists.

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