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Case study three Essay

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November 8, 2013 CASE STUDY THREE
1. Outline three ways that you think Terra Lycos could help other businesses create opportunities for themselves using the Internet. a. Taking a lesson from Lycos Network. Forming alliances with other Internet companies seems to be a lucrative endeavor. Not only has it saved them in the struggle to stay afloat in the competitive online business race but it has strengthen their stance by increasing their marketability. b. Becoming Terra Lycos has enabled the company to reach out to a new audience and provide new services to customers that other Search engines were either overlooking or outright neglecting.

c. Finally by compiling its “Daily 50 Report” and removing such sites as porn and utility chat rooms it concentrates on supplying facts that customers can depend on without distractions. 2. What methods might Terra Lycos use to measure the effectiveness of the various Web sites of its affiliates and subsidiaries? Anyone can place a service or product on the Market, consider the “Pet Rock” of the late 1960s early 1970s.

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Case study three
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Marketing sold an item that is found in everyone’s yard and made a fortune. But was it a lasting endeavor? It faded like yesterday’s rain! Then consider the Frisbee, an item still being sold decades after its emergence in the market place. Track record, duration, and profitability will be the best measure of the company. 3. Identify three challenges that managers of Terra Networks and Lycos will likely face as they merge the two organizations.

Anderson, page 2 a. Size. Growing as they have the company now faces the age old problems all growing companies. “Are they too big for their britches”? b. Previously Lycos has been the parent company. Able to exercise its parental powers as it sees fit. Allowing itself to be acquired changes that roll no matter how slightly. c. Bringing technology, cultures, and companies together will be a undertaking that will need consideration and effort, and compensation. Finding the right people for the right job will be a major undertaking. 4. Visit the Terra Lycos web site, as a user, what do you think its strengths and weaknesses are? After visiting the site and perusing its offers, and options, I notice there are many advertisers. Much more than on the large search engines. I imagine these are there for the revenue that Terra Lycos enjoys. But also for the opportunity of the advertisers to gain business.

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