Case Study: Writers’ Block Zine

The project outlined in the case study is about women in prison - Case Study: Writers’ Block Zine introduction. I was stricken when I read this because so many women get abused and hurt. The women in this are prostitutes and drug addicts that is what gets me the most about this case study. The most I read I was thinking that they could change and become someone better. The audience for the “Writers Block Zine” is men and women that are thinking about going down the same road. They want the viewers to make the right choices and not destroy their life. They want people to design stuff rather than steal stuff and destroy stuff.

They want you to make a difference in your community and make a living doing something legal and not sell your body for sex. The design strengths are that there are so many different things these people can make, keeps people out of trouble, to help the community, and make more designers. The first strength is that we don’t know what these people can make they could be the next Leonardo Da Vinci or the next Michael Angelo we don’t know what these people are thinking. The next strength is that it will keep the people out of jail and lets them show their designer inside.

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The third strength is that it helps the community by making sure that these people do good not bad. The last strength is that it gives these people jobs as designers than prostitutes and drug dealers. The reason this project is effective is because of keeps people from doing harm, stops crime, makes jobs, and helps people. The first reason is that this project keeps people from doing harm to themselves and to others by keeping them busy. The way it stops crime is that the people that would be doing the crime would be creating designs thank robbing and killing.

This project will create jobs by getting the people motivated and going to college for design. The way it helps people is by keeping them out of trouble and to keep them busy. The way the printer made the magazine production more cost-effective by making it easier to print copies at a reasonable price. Another reason is that you can make more copies when you need to without going anywhere. Another reason is that you can make your own designs and keep making designs for your magazine. The last reason is that you can choose the color of paper you want.

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