Annotated Bibliography Samples

Annotated Bibliography – Smokers and Nonsmokers Essay

Smoking. National Cancer Institute. Retrieved Mar 14, 2009, from                       “Smoking,” on the website of National Cancer Institute provides statistics on tobacco use.  These statistics are backed by scientific research.  The website also offers various links on further research on the subject.  “NIH State-of-the-Science Statement on Tobacco Use: Prevention, Cessation and Control,” for example, is an  authoritative …

Annotated Bibliography: Ethnic Minority Adult Education Essay

Annotated Bibliography: Ethnic Minority Adult Education Cassara, B. B. (1990). Adult Education in a Multicultural Society. Routledge. One of the best sources on the subject of ethnic minority adult education in America, Cassara’s (1990) Adult Education in a Multicultural Society provides plentiful information, including statistics and ideas to improve the quality of education. Cheng, S., …

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Annotated bibliography Essay

Annotated bibliography 1. Begley, Sharon. “Music on the Brain”, Newsweek136.4 (2000): 50-52 Summary             This publication provides an inclusive psychological analysis of music therapy and its application in different cases.  The author uses different examples and previous researches that have been conducted on the same topic to emphasize on its applications. Besides, it offers a …

Tanneh Woyee Annotated Bibliography Essay

Works Cited Baldwin, Paul R. “Unfortunate Wake Up Call for Hospitals and Doctors.” The Indianapolis Star 22 Sep. 2006: A11. This editorial is about the number of nursing errors made in hospitals. It reads, in part, “that it took infant deaths to wake up the hospital directors and medical staff to use the proper procedures” …

Annotated Bibliography Essay

Annotated Bibliography Thesis Statement: “The three most important components that create ocean acoustics are amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.” Payne, Roger. Communication and Behavior of Whales. Colorado: Westview Press for the Advancement of Science, 1983. This reference material examines comprehensively the ocean acoustical vocalizations patterns and behavioral changes that different sub-species of whales across bodies of …

Media portrayal of fashion: effects on women: An annotated bibliography Essay

Media portrayal of fashion:  effects on women: An annotated bibliography Bardone-Cone, Anna M and Kamila Cass.  “Investigating the impact of pro-anorexia websites: a pilot study.” European Eating Disorders Review 14.4 (Jul/Aug2006): 256-262 These researchers conducted a study in which young women were were randomly assigned to view one of three websites.  They were a pro-anorexia …

Annotated bibliography Essay

Annotated bibliography Park TS, Lee ST, Kim JS, Song J, LeE KA,Kim SJ, Seok YM, Lee HJ, Han JH, Kim JK, Lee EY, Choi JR.  Acute promyelocytic leukemia in early pregnancy with translocation t(15;17) and variant PML/RARA fusion transcripts.  Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics.  2008; 188:48-51.

Gatsby: an annotated bibliography Essay

            As you point out, without the books in hand, this is something of a challenge.  On the other hand, there is so much material available on Fitzgerald and on The Great Gatsby that an assignment like this is entirely doable. Bloom, Harold, ed .  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby  New Haven, Connecticut:    Chelsea …

Annotated Bibliography of Martin Luther King Essay

1. Peter J. Ling, Martin Luther King, Jr. New York: Routledge, 2002 Being a traditional biographical narration, P. Ling’s book has several important advantages, which distinguishes it from other literature on Martin Luther King, Jr.  Author demystifies King without debunking him. For instance, Ling depicts a leader who had no equal but many critics. Throughout …

Annotated Bibliography and Summary Essay

Annotated Bibliography: Gok, O. (2007, March). Marketing and Marketing Managers in the New Era: A Relational Perspective. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 10 (2), 218-224 In this article, the author discusses the shift from the traditional marketing viewpoint based on the 4-P marketing mix to a more contemporary outlook, where long term relationships …

Annotated Bibliography Essay

Annotated Bibliography Bloom, Harold, ed. Gatsby. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1991.             Harold Bloom’s goes through a thorough discussion about Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, paying special attention to the characters and character development. An in-depth analysis is given and can be used as a companion with Fitzgerald’s novel; the analysis focuses on the characters, …

Annotated Bibliography Essay

General Education Capstone Gen 499 Topic: In this paper I will research the topic of single-parenting. There are an array of topics that fall into single-parent households that could be researched, such as behavioral problems in the children, female-headed households, mental illness and suicidal thoughts in the children, neglect, and race in single-parent families. I …

Annotated Bibliography Essay

Annotated Bibliography      Vitoux, D., Nasr, R., and de The, H. (2007). Acute promyelocytic leukemia: New issues on pathogenesis and treatment response. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 39, 1063–1070.

Annotated Bibliography Essay

Annotated Bibliography 2 Medical Office Management Current Issues Hetico, Hope R. Marcinko, David E. Medical Office Management focuses on business factors that affects a medical office. How it affects the objectives and how to achieve them. The objective goals would be to have more clients to increase more revenue.

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