Cathedral: Mario and Unforgettable Moment

Cathedral What is your cathedral, meaning turning point or unforgettable moment that changed your life? In every people’s life there is something really important in order to think differently. In my life, the unforgettable moment is our university exam results clarification day. It was came from 2 years ago. It was my hardest year I was studying my dream university. Saying it honestly, I was not a diligent student as the same as the same as this year ; however, I can use advantages in correct way.

Both my father and mother told me that Ankara is the best city for a student because both of them studied in Ankara. As I mentioned before I am not a diligent person. For that reason, throughout my high school year my father did not trust me. He made fun of me when I said to him one day I will study in Koç University. Whatever the reason it was, my father gave me a promise. The only way to study in Istanbul is Koç University. The day when the results were announced I can hardly believe that y. It was my first choice and the one university which is Istanbul.

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So, that day changed my life and have an importance place in my memories. What would I do If I were Nunez ? In the Country of The Blind, Nunez who is our main character fall in love with a woman. He have to sacrifice his sight in order to marry with his love ; however, he couldn’t do it. In my opinion, he do the wrong thing because in todays world love is nothing for me. I know it sounds really feminist but what can I do ? People can find an another love , another person who make them really happy yet it is impossible to find an another family.

If the story went like that, some people have to sacrifice something for family, I strongly support that we have to sacrifice it because they are foundation of our life. Sounds of my childhood It hard to count my childhood sound but I can say that roughly three sounds have special place in my memories. The first one the sound of lawnmower. Especially in summer , on Sunday morning I woke up with the sound of lawnmower. Not only its sound but also its smell reminds me of its summer and holiday. Instead of getting angry, I felt happy and energetic.

The econd sound is Internet sound. In that days, there were no wireless. We have to wait until we connected to the internet. While that time, we have to wait forever for the dial up internet to connect. The last one is The Super Mario Bros sound. Every children played Super Mario at least one time. Of course my number is more than one. The sound that most of us heard when we cleared a level is the sound of my childhood. Smell of my city or my habitat I am children of the south, summer and sun. I am living in Antalya which is known and popular with citrus fruit industry.

For that reason, Antalya is orange,mandarin,grapefruit and etc. Whenever I smell the orange, I feel as if I were at my home. Apart from citrus fruits, the smell of sea also have a significant importance. Antalya, tourism paradise it is really hard to imagine what am I going to do without smelling even seeing the sea. Most of the people in Antalya think and act like that. Sound and smell of sea is everything for us. In Antalya, it is very funny to go on holiday since we are living in holiday place. Most of the time in summer, the smell of suncreams provide me to think I am in the right place, my town.

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