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Cause and Effect of Apple Ipod Essays

Othman Aldhfeeri 2/20/2013 English 091 Jordan Case/Effect Paragraph Apple makes among the best phones in the world. The iPhone is their flagship product and it outpaces sales among everything they offer. Apple is at the forefront of the newest technology. The iPhone uses the state-of-the-art designs, such as touch screens and aluminum casing. The main industrial designer, Jonathan Ives, is famous for his concept of how it should look, function, and feel. Ives is a world renowned designer and his input took the iPhone to a completely unseen place that smart phones had never seen before.

Apple’s use of such a great designer demonstrates that they will spare no expense to making a great phone. Additionally, the processing units (dual core, ARM A6) that come in the iPhone are incredibly fast. They are always releasing the fastest phone, while other competitors only release faster units months after the newest iPhone release. This demonstrates that other companies are simply trying desperately hard to keep up with the iPhone. The iPhone is the most widely used and widely recognized phone in the world. Everyone I know uses an iPhone and everywhere I go, I see people carrying one.

It’s so hard to believe that only 4 years ago, Blackberry dominated the market. Now if we examine every age group and every ethnicity, almost everyone has the iPhone. Children who have not yet reached high school and the elderly, as well as everyone in between seems to have an iPhone. Even back home in Kuwait, the iPhone is second to none in popularity. Its widespread reputation can be seen in Apple’s sales revenue, as it is the most profitable company in the world at the moment. The phones are reasonably also priced. Comparing the price of this phone to that of the next best competitor, the Samsung Galexy, the prices are almost the same.

In fact, among all data-driven phones, the iPhone seems to have the most standard pricing in terms of what comes with a contract. So even on a level playing field for price, the iPhone still comes out on top. There are a great deal of other reasons the iPhone is the best phone on the market. If we take a look at the software and media side, the iPhone has the best infrastructure for getting new applications. The app store, for example has the most updated and wide ranging set of programs available for the phone, moreso than any other smart phone market.

Additionally, iTunes has such great reach with the media it offers that just about every song and movie is available on the iTunes store. This makes access to almost all commercial media available at the user’s fingertips. Thus, it is clear that what makes a great phone has a great deal to do with the technology that goes into making it, the ubiquity and popularity of the phone, and the overall software and media experience make the phone the best. Since the iPhone dominates in all three realms, this causes it to be the best phone.

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