Causes of Divorce Essay

Divorce is a judicial declaration dissolving a marriage in whole or in part, especially one that releases the marriage partners from matrimonial obligations ( - Causes of Divorce Essay introduction. Over half of American marriages end in divorce; first marriages have an overwhelming divorce rate of 41% while second marriages have an even higher 60% divorce rate, and third marriages have a staggering 73% divorce rate ( But what are the main causes of divorce in America? There could be an infinite amount of reasons couples depart. Of those reasons, the most popular are selfishness, bad decisions, and loss of communication.

Most people in America are self-centered, but when one gets married they are not supposed to only think about them self anymore. Being selfish is a main cause of divorce today. A partner in a relationship may not consider the other partner’s feelings. When in a relationship one needs to know what their partner needs, wants, and how they feel about a decision at all times. Another way of being selfish in a marriage is only doing what one companion wants to do all of the time, and never doing what the other wants to do. Being self-centered is a huge advance towards divorce.

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Everyone has made a bad decision in life at one time or another, but when espoused some bad decisions can lead to separation. When a spouse decides to abuse narcotics is a prime example of a bad decision. “Love of family–and time for family activities–take a distant second place to love of drugs.”( The partner who participates in drug use will become addicted, and only think about that drug and how they are going to get it. Then they will soon ignore, or just use the other partner. Abusing a pharmaceutical can also lead to money mismanagement. Another example of a bad decision would be adultery. If a partner is united with one person, but then has relations with another person outside of the partnership then that could lead to divorce, also.

The next reason for estrangement between couples is a lack of communication. This can lead to trust issues, boredom between the couple, and eventually divorce. Communication is important in everything, especially marriage, so if there is not any between the couple, then it is definitely not going to work. With out talking they will not know what each other likes or dislikes, what they want to do, or how they are feeling. When the couple is not communicating they will also soon lose feeling for each other, and the marriage will just fade.

Divorce is possible in any marriage. Selfishness, bad decisions, and lack of communication are the main reasons of the high rates that America faces today. Marriage should not ever have to end in divorce, but when a partner takes part in these problems it can happen to them just as easy as anyone else, and they will be apart of these astonishing statistics.

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