Celebrating Glenn Lord’s 79th Birthday Essay

A small but enthusiastic group of Howard fans gathered at the Monument Inn restaurant just east of Houston this afternoon - Celebrating Glenn Lord’s 79th Birthday Essay introduction. This famous restaurant is adjacent to the historical San Jacinto battleground, overlooks the Houston Ship Channel and is in the shadow of the San Jacinto Monument.

The reason for get-together was to celebrate Glenn Lord’s 79th birthday. The Big Kahuna of Howardom was accompanied by his wife Lou Ann, and both were looking well and in good spirits.

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Celebrating Glenn Lord’s 79th Birthday
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Besides myself and my wife Alma, Paul Herman, Rob Roehm, Dave Hardy and Dennis McHaney were in attendance. We all enjoyed excellent food, good company and engaging conversation. A good bit of the conversation revolved around a number exciting Howard books and projects that are in the works for the upcoming year.

After everyone enjoyed Glenn’s birthday cake, we all reluctantly said our goodbyes and headed out. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Next up is Glenn’s 80th and you can bet that will be one grand celebration.

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