Celebrities as Role Models Essay

Most kids of today pick their role models from who they see on TV - Celebrities as Role Models Essay introduction. Do Celebrities make good role models? These celebrities that kids are looking up to are adults and partake in adult behavior. Not only do they partake in adult behavior but also, on many occasions, illegal behavior. In addition to that, these celebrities may have a profession that includes adult themes. Impressionable kids should not be learning from them. Celebrities should not be viewed as role models what so ever.

Most of these celebrities that are looked up to are adults and do adult things. Kids will try to duplicate the adult actions they see these celebrities doing. Take Lindsay Lohan for example. She is looked to as a role model by many young females. Lindsay Lohan seems to always be on TV drinking, partying, throwing up outside of a club, etc. The list goes on and on. These are not actions that young kids should look up to and want to imitate.

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Kids looking up to actions like this will grow up way too fast and get into early trouble A lot of celebrities partake in a lot of illegal behavior. They do whatever they want without care for the law or for who is watching. A large amount of celebrities had trouble with obeying the law. Charlie Sheen battles through numerous legal troubles. He has been arrested more than once for domestic violence and a couple times for drug. Drug usage is another problem Sheen has. In 1998, Sheen overdosed on cocaine and was hospitalized.

He had to enter rehab. Naomi Campbell is another example. She is a beautiful supermodel. Young girl’s automatically look at her as a role model. Naomi Campbell has a fiery temper and a string of run in’s with the law. Campbell has faced ten assault charges in her life that are known. These actions are definitely not actions that kids that do not know any better need to look to. A lot of the time, the things that profession that celebrities are in, include adult themes.

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