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Celine Dion is the most influential Canadian singer - Celine Essay introduction. She was born on march 30 in 1968. She started to sing at the age of 10 and by the age of 12 she was discovered by a local manager-producer Rene Angelil. He helped the young singer by mortgaging his house to fund her 1981 debut album called La Voix du Bon Dieu. When she first started, she didn’t know how to speak english. To be famous around the world, she knew that she had to learn how to speak english and that she had to refined her look espacially caping her teeth.

At the age of 20, she had already released eight french albums. In 1990, she finally released her first english album called Unison. She was internationally aclaimed when she performed a duet with the famous Peabo Bryson on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ the theme to the Disney film in 1992. This performance allowed her to be known troughout the world and she won both an Oscar and a Grammy award for that song. Celine Dion is one of the most admired person in the world because she never stopped dreaming about becoming the most popular singer even if her family had some financials issues at the time.

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She never stopped singing until someone give her a chance to be famous. She is a very persistent person and it is not the kind of person who give up on their dream. Besides her fame, Celine Dion is a wonderful and generous woman. She had toured the world, not only to sing but to do good deeds. She had been part of several humanitarian. Since her niece death, she has promoted the Canadian Cybric Fibrosis Foundation since 1982 and she had been a National celebrity Patron since 1993. Celine Dion and her siblings have been part of her mom foundation named ‘Fondation Achille-Tangay.

Its an organization founded by her mother in 1998 wich helps poor quebec families toward self-sufficiency. Since then, the name of the foundation has been changed to ‘Foundation Maman dion’. She also has a foundation named in her name for children and family in need. In 2011, she did a fundraising event at Le golf le mirage and she achieve the goal that she wanted wich is 3 millions dollars. She With all the she’s doing, not only for herself but for others, shows how celine dion cares about her fans and people all around the world. Despite its fame, it is a real person with good values.

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