Cell Phone Advantages Essay

People these days use their cell phones for everything, from passing the time to paying bills and helping people in emergencies - Cell Phone Advantages Essay introduction. People everyday are using their cell phones to get some of their daily chores done and they are using their cell phones just for calling or texting their friends to see what they are up too or just see how they are doing. Some other advantages of having cell phones are passing the time, paying bills and calling 911. People use their cell phones to pass the time. For example when people go to the Doctor’s office or have appointments somewhere, people usually have to wait. So what do People do?

They pull out their cell phones and start playing games, or they go onto their www. facebook. com accounts and tell all of their friends where they are and how bored they are sitting in the waiting room and how they wish that they were somewhere else, instead. Then when people get bored with that, they start calling and texting their friends and telling Them the same things that they just put on www. facebook. com telling their friends that they Are bored and wish they were somewhere else. Using a cell phone at these times helps the caller pass the time. Next People use their cell phones to pay their bills.

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If you are going down the road and you remember that you forgot to pay the power bill, the only thing you have to do is pull out your cell phone and call the power company over the phone. With a credit or debit card you can pay your bill so the power company does not cut off your power. If you have online billing you could just go online with your cell phone and pay your bills that way. Paying your bills with your cell phone is good for the environment because you can get paperless billing. All your bills can just be emailed to you instead of them sending you bills in the mail.

Paying bills with a cell phone can save you a lot of time by people not having to write out checks, putting the checks into envelopes and going to the mail box and mailing them off. People also use their cell phones in emergencies by calling the police and other emergency personnel. For example, you are out with your friend and you see a house that is on fire you can pull out your cell phone and call 911 and get the fire department to come out there so they can go into the house and make sure there is no one in the house and to put the fire out.

In addition, if one day you are driving down a back road and no one is around and a deer jumps out in front of you and you swerve to miss the deer and you go off the road and your car is no longer drivable. You can pull out your cell phone and call the police or a towing service to come get you and your car. So there are a lot of advantages to having a cell phone from passing the time while you are in a boring doctors office, paying your bill when you are in a rush, to calling the police in emergencies and possible, saving some one’s life.

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