Celta assignment 3 Essay

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA): is a department of ICANN, a nonprofit private American corporation, which oversees global IP address allocation, autonomous system umber allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System (DNS), media types, and other Internet Protocol-related symbols and numbers. C. Asia- Pacific Network Information Center (PANIC): PANIC provides number resource allocation and registration services that support the global operation of the Internet. 2. Approximately how many IPPP addresses are possible? 4. 3 billion 3. Approximately how many IPPP addresses are possible? 40 indecision 4.

Why do you think the world is running out of IPPP addresses? The depletion of the pool of unallocated Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPPP) addresses. The world is running out of IPPP addresses since people are increasing and the addresses are limited. 5. How long do you think it will take before the IPPP addresses are completely exhausted? It could possibly become exhausted within the next two years or so. 6. Since IPPP is the long-term solution for this issue, why do you think we are still using and assigning IPPP addresses on the Internet?

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So that we can use up all off he addresses available on IPPP, therefore having more addresses free on IPPP.

7. Do you think the possibility exists for some companies to hoard IP addresses and not release them back to ARIN to turn a profit? Large organizations receive IP addresses in large blocks. Technically, unused numbers are supposed to be returned to ARIN. But the shortage could lead organizations to hoard those unused numbers and then try to profit by selling them to the highest bidder. In other words, IP cyber squatting.

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