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Certified Nursing Assistant (Cna) Registry Essays

Want to know about CNA registry? Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) registry is preserved by almost all the states in United States. All the legally working Certified Nursing Assistants are included in the particular state. Each state’s Health Department or the Board of Nursing maintains CNA registry. In addition, there are different agencies working in each state to manage the registry. The CNA registry is nothing but a legal blue print that verifies whether a person is legally certified to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA student at first should complete CNA training program approved by the state and then appear the CNA certification examination. When students are able to pass all the trainings and exams, then only they will get listed in the CNA registry list and get officially accepted to work as a CNA. If the student fails to pass the CNA certification examination, then he/she should give exam again and again until they pass it. There is limitation for every student to appear in the examination. If any CNA has decided to work then his/her CAN registry will be compulsorily checked. There are many purposes of CNA registry.

It is used to check whether a student has a valid CNA certification or to check whether a student has ever harmed or deserted a patient. There are lots of things to be considered by students to maintain in order to remain in the CNA registry. This could also vary state wise. Some state has set criteria for students to work at least 8 hours every 2 years in order to be in CNA registry list. In addition, CNA must complete continuing education credits each year. The credits may differ based on which state you are in. Any registered CNA who want to migrate from one state to another state cannot get easily listed in a new place.

They should give exam and be able to complete it successfully. While in some states the migrating CNA should take all the CNA courses and should give CNA examination from the beginning to get added to the CNA registry. Migrating CNAs will be asked to apply for reciprocity by many states. This is nothing but a request for a new state to recognize their certification. If the request is approved, then the migrating CNA can easily get listed in new state’s CNA registry. CNA registry is maintained in order to put off unlawful work. This is very important to maintain in each state on the basis of their rules and regulations.

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