Challenge I faced in my life

It was a day which is still tickling in my mind when I remember it. I was waiting for the phone call from my family physician. Those moments of waiting were seemed like years. Finally the phone rang and I received that with trembling heart. Then my doctor said that the report was positive which made me so excited and at the same time so proud with a little bit fear. It was the report of my first time conception which is really a challenge for a woman specially in abroad as an immigrant without parents and relatives. When realized that I am going to be a mother, obviously that feelings made me not only so happy but also worried. Because I was an immigrant in Canada and just after nine months of arriving here I got pregnant. Nine months was not so long to become familiar with everything in a new country. Besides that, I had a job in a store of a food court which was also too hard to maintain after being pregnant. And we, the immigrants living here almost alone. Because most of our close relatives were in back home. All those reasons made my pregnancy a great challenge for me.

Compare to the North American countries it’s easier to maintain everything for a pregnant woman in my country, Bangladesh. Because if I would be in my back home at my pregnancy period, I could get lots of supports from my family like parents and in-laws whenever I need any. Also in Bangladesh we can keep the maid servant because of cheaper labour rate. But here in Canada we have to do everything by ourselves which is very hard for an expecting mother. We have to maintain our jobs and household chores here simultaneously. At the period of my pregnancy my husband was a great support for me. He was trying to do his best, so that I would not face any problem. His assistant and sacrifice made me confident to face that challenge. First three months of pregnancy was so hard for me to adjust with everything. In my workplace my co-workers also gave their hands which supported me to make my works easy. And the household chores became easier with the help of my husband. After coming from work, he was used to take me out for walking which is very important at pregnancy time. With the passing time my baby was getting bigger inside me and I started to feel his existence which also made me more confident to face the challenge. When I went to my doctor for the first ultrasound, she showed me the picture of my baby, although it was very unclear and just a lump of blood, it was another source of my confident. After that the day came of five months ultrasound by which I could know the sex of my baby whether it was boy or girl. I liked to have a baby boy and was eagerly waiting to hear that. Finally my wish came true when the doctor said that it was a boy. My husband and me both of us were so happy and we started to do the shopping for our coming son. Those days were like a dream, still I can see them whenever I close my eyes. When the expecting day came closer, I was counting every day to see my baby boy. My expected date was first week of the November. That date had already passed but nothing happened.

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After that, when I went to doctor she said I had to wait few more days. Last those days were so dreadful to me, because anything could happened any moment. Every night I was waiting to have a nice ending of nine months waiting. Finally the night came on 10th of November. In the midnight I felt a mild pain and gradually the pain became unendurable, and then my husband took me to the hospital. There the doctor and nurses kept me under their observations and also they were monitoring baby’s heartbeat. Everything was alright but the pain was not real labour pain which helps to deliver a baby. So they gave me some medicines to increase my level of pain. My husband was also with me in the delivery room and was waiting with a trembling heart for an auspicious ending of the challenge. After waiting seventeen hours with the most unbearable pain in the planet which is not comparable with anything, I gave birth of my baby. It was 11th of November, Remembrance day of Canada and also memorable day for me. When the first time doctor gave my baby boy on my chest, I forgot all the pains and hard times I faced the past nine months. That moment I felt so proud and the happiest mother in the world and also realized that I could overcome the challenge I faced. I was able to conquer the challenge with the help of my husband, who really acted as an important role from first to last of my pregnancy period. Without the assistant of him it would not be possible for me to get rid of all the hard times I faced in my pregnancy in a new country away from my home and family. Already three years have passed and my baby is now a growing up boy. But when I remember the day of his birth I still feel really so proud. To give birth for a woman specially the first time is really great challenge. Because there are lots of factors like fear, anxiety work on that period. Every single moment, every woman passes some unexpected anxiety and obviously the negative ones. Either they can overcome the situation or not. It can be a happy ending or missing. Every single moment needs to be cautious even every single step too. Even every single news or views strikes on mind and brings an outrageous uncertainty. Therefore, taking this situation as a challenge and trying to overcome it with confidence should be a part of life of every woman.

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