Challenges Facing College Students Essay

Students face a lot of adversity when it comes to college; whether if it’s waking up on time for school, having the finances, working a part time or a full time Job, Studying, and Transportation. Those are the challenges that students must face through-out their lives in order to be successful and be able to obtain happiness in the later years. The first and most important thing a college student must do is to be able to wake up on time for a class, it is very crucial because you have to be able to keep up with the work courses that are given to you by your Professor.

It can be difficult considering the amount of work that has to be done for your class, but if you can adjust yourself, set a goal for yourself and find the time to study without any interruptions then you can definitely succeed in your class when the time comes for a Final Exam.

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Challenges Facing College Students
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Being able to come up with money is not an easy task for students who are currently enrolled in College, almost everything is at a high cost, Students need school supplies such as books, pens/pencils, College Loans, Etc…,

Nowadays most students work a part time full time job to be able to afford their books and other needs when it comes to College. Also Transportation is a must for a College Student, to move or drive around is essential for a college student because you have to be able to get to school, or pretty much just about anywhere on your campus. But also there are some down sides to having a Transportation/Car, for instance it can have a major break down problem or tire replacement at the most unexpected time, especially when you’re going to a class on that same day. Even though the College life can be extremely difficult and challenging through-out the years of enrollment, in the long run it will most definitely be rewarding because you will feel a sense of accomplishment, success, confidence, having more knowledge and wisdom, and making everyone around you to feel very proud of your success and understanding the values of gaining knowledge so that they themselves could also go out and be successful on their own.

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