Changes Over the Year

Looking through old letters, pictures, and conversations from previous months and years, hits me with a shock of reality and how nothing is, or will ever be the same - Changes Over the Year introduction. Focusing on this realization not necessarily makes me happy, but neither does it make me sad. “Things always change and happen for a reason.” So I’ve heard. But what exactly is that reason? Is it something we as individuals must search for ourselves? Overall, it really does astonish me how much can change within a short period of time.

Most friendships and relationships that randomly build together are said to be the best. But do we know how they will end? Why they will end? Eventually, one person gets tired of the other and the relationship between both of you becomes unstable. Sometimes nothing happens between you two and things will just begin to feel different which draws each person’s feelings to slowly change. Two years ago on December 16, 2011, I committed to my first boyfriend, whom I had been friends with for a long amount of time. 10 months with my best friend had felt like such a long yet short period of time. Of course we had our many differences which caused changes to occur which weren’t exactly classified as good or bad. Soon many months passed and we began to gain no control of our own relationship; boyfriend wise and best friend wise. In general, people start getting tired and stressed with the many rumors that are said amongst others which lead to fighting, arguing, disagreement, and then separation. In time, we broke up but remained close. On December 16, 2012, my close friend started to become a friend who would just say hi to me in the hallways. Conversations between us were scarce or very short. Sooner or later, I thought, this friendship will abruptly end. And I was correct. It is now September 20, 2013 and there is nothing left. The “hellos” and smiles do not exist anymore and someone who meant so much to me then, is just another stranger to me now. Although, I do have that little bit of care to those who once meant a great deal to me before. But otherwise, I will never see that person again in the same I had seen them

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The people who were by my side a year ago are no longer in my surroundings. They began to change in a way in which their changed selves contradicted with my changed self. Sometimes, I don’t know whether or not to view these changes as a positive or negative outcome.

Over the year, I’ve grown and I’ve changed very much. I’ve developed more in a manner where things are seen differently. Style and attitude has become more mature and is definitely much more different compared to a year ago. Just like everyone else in the world, I am just going along with society. My knowledge has too grown in a social and mental way. Everything now seems more complex, and I do believe it’s because of the age I am in and how my society is nowadays.

Along with the changes, there are some specific people and ways that have remained the same. Even though it’s not much to others, the people and lifestyle at home has remained the same. Unlike friends who come and go, my family has always and I believe will always be there.

Whether these changes impacted my life in a negative or positive way, they happened for a reason. As said before, we may or may not understand why these changes occurred, but honestly that’s life. Maybe someday certain people or things will come across our life that reveal the purpose of change, but for now we must all learn to cope with the fact that nothing will ever be the same as before.

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