Chapter 1: Understanding Sociology

Which sociological perspective is most concerned with macrolevel analysis?
both functionalist and conflict perspectives.
Which of the following was a central focus for Charles Horton Cooley?
intimate face-to-face groups
Which social science would study cases of emotional stress, anxiety, and depression related to the earthquake in Haiti?
Sociology, anthropology, economics, and history study various aspects of human society and are therefore considered:
social sciences.
Children who experience divorce in their family are more likely to experience divorce themselves when they are adults.

This is an example of a:

dysfunction of families.
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Chapter 1: Understanding Sociology
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A sociologist observing behavior at a college football game would probably focus on:
the interaction among fans during the pre-game ritual of tailgate parties.
According to the functionalist perspective, an aspect of social life is passed on from one generation to the next if it:
promotes value consensus among members of a society.
Which social science would be interested in the stances taken by elected officials in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti?
political science
Which of the following could be a manifest function of colleges?
They prepare students for post-college careers.

Which social science would be interested in cost comparisons between the use of the death penalty and incarceration for criminal offenders?
Which of the following academic disciplines is classified as a natural science?
Which sociological perspective sees the social world as being in continual struggle?
conflict perspective
Which sociological perspective would suggest that sports participants may work together harmoniously, and abandon previously held stereotypes and prejudices despite class, racial, and religious differences?
interactionist perspective
C. Wright Mills advocated the use of the sociological imagination to view divorce in the United States because divorce:
is not just an individual’s personal problem but a societal concern.
Which of the following would be an example of cultural capital?
knowledge of great American authors
Which sociological perspective would view society as a living organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival and stability?
functionalist perspective
Which of the following would be an example of the use of the sociological imagination?
a study that concentrates on the behavior of people listening to a religious service compared to those listening to a rock concert
Which sociological perspective would suggest that if an aspect of social life does not contribute to a society’s stability, then it does not serve a useful function?
functionalist perspective
The concept of anomie was introduced into sociology by:
Émile Durkheim.
Which sociologist saw “society as a vast network of connected parts, each of which contributes to the maintenance of the system as a whole?”
Talcott Parsons
Which sociological perspective would suggest that minority populations are often overlooked following a crisis or disaster such as the Gulf Coast oil spill?
conflict perspective
Which early sociologist applied the concept of evolution to societies in order to explain how they change, or evolve, over time?
Herbert Spencer
Sociology is considered a science because sociologists:
engage in organized and systematic study of phenomena to enhance understanding.
Which sociological perspective would be most likely to argue that the existence of big-city political machines suggests that these political organizations satisfy certain basic social needs?
functionalist perspective
A natural scientist would be likely to study:
rock formations and composition in the Grand Canyon.
Émile Durkheim is known for his classic sociological study of:
A key element in the sociological imagination is the ability to view one’s own society:
as an outsider.
Which of the following academic disciplines is classified as a social science?
Which sociological approach would view sports as an agent for defining people’s social positions as players, coaches, and referees as a result of their performances and reputations?
interactionist perspective
Which sociological approach focuses on the macrolevel and would tend to view inequality in gender as central to behavior and organization?
feminist perspective
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