chapter 13 HW

Which of the following is a characteristic of both spinal and cranial nerves?
They contain bundles of axons.
Which division detects stimuli of the general senses and special senses?
somatic sensory division
The sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system are divisions of the:
visceral motor division (autonomic nervous system).
What connective tissue sheath wraps the axon of a neuron?
Cranial nerve V is the __________.
trigeminal nerve
Cranial nerve IV is the __________.
trochlear nerve
Which cranial nerve is generally thought of as a mixed nerve?
glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
Which cranial nerve detects smell?
olfactory nerve (I)
Which of the following carries sensory information only?
posterior (dorsal) root
Which plexus provides motor and sensory innervation to the upper limb?
brachial plexus
Nociceptors detect __________.
The receptors for smell and taste are __________.
Mechanoreceptors might detect which of the following sensations?
What part of the nervous system integrates and interprets information from PNS sensory neurons?
Place the following steps in order for motor control.

1. Upper motor neurons stimulate lower motor neurons.
2. Sensory information is relayed back to the cerebellum so movement can be modified if needed.
3. Upper motor neurons in the premotor cortex select a motor program.
4. Lower motor neurons stimulate a skeletal muscle to contract.
5. The basal nuclei enable the thalamus to stimulate upper motor neurons of the primary cortex.

3, 5, 1, 4, 2
simple monosynaptic reflexes
involve only a single synapse within the spinal cord between the sensory and motor neurons.
Reflexes that control skeletal muscle are called __________.
The patellar reflex is a type of __________.
stretch reflex
What is NOT true of muscle spindles?
Muscle spindles are found within tendons.
Bundles of axons within a nerve are known as __________.
Visceral pain may be perceived as cutaneous pain, a phenomenon known as __________.
referred pain
Motor neuron pools consist of __________.
lower motor neurons
Which of the following complements the flexion (withdrawal) reflex?
Crossed-extension reflex
Which of the following is incorrect about the numbers of spinal nerves?
7 pairs of cervical spinal nerves
Ms. Carroll went to her doctor’s office with pain in her right shoulder blade and learned she was having a gallbladder attack. You’re not surprised to hear about the unusual location of her pain since it is known as __________.
referred pain
Which of the following houses motor neurons?
Anterior root of spinal nerve
Where does the motor portion of the facial nerve (VIII) originate?
Nuclei in the pons and medulla
Which of the following must occur first in a reflex arc?
Detection by a receptor and delivery of stimulus
What connects the upper motor neurons to lower motor neurons?
What type of sensory receptors are muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs?
A reflex with a single synapse between the sensory and motor neurons within the spinal cord is known as a __________.
monosynaptic reflex
During a boxing match, Sammy was hit on the side of the neck. He stopped breathing temporarily due to damage to the __________.
cervical plexus
Regions of skin supplied by a spinal nerve for somatic sensation are known as __________.
The speed of nerve impulse transmission through the axon of a sensory neuron will be quickest in __________.
a large-diameter, myelinated axon
The vagus nerve is represented by Roman numeral __________.
A network of nerves is known as a __________.
Photoreceptors are found only in the __________.
The sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system are divisions of the __________.
visceral motor division (autonomic nervous system)
Sensory transduction occurs in __________.
PNS sensory neurons
What reflex causes muscle relaxation?
Golgi tendon reflex
The axillary, radial, median, and ulnar nerves are associated with the __________.
brachial plexus
Afferent signals from external stimuli are carried by the __________.
somatic sensory division
Neurons that carry signals from the CNS to skeletal muscles are part of the __________.
somatic motor division
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is characterized by numbness of the thumb and second and third digits and weakness in the muscles that flex the wrist and the digits. Which of these nerves is damaged in CTS?
median nerve
Pain in the right side of the neck and shoulder associated with liver and gallbladder pathology is an example of __________.
referred pain
Which of the following structures is closest to nerve endings with sensory receptors?
peripheral process of sensory neuron
A few minutes after spraying perfume on yourself, you don’t smell the perfume anymore, even though people you come in contact with can smell it. One possible explanation is that __________.
the sensory receptors for smell are rapidly adapting receptors
Multipolar neurons whose axons reach and innervate skeletal muscle fibers are called __________.
lower motor neurons
Anosmia and other problems associated with smell can result from damage to the __________.
olfactory nerve
The branch of the anterior ramus that contains autonomic neurons of the sympathetic nervous system is called __________.
ramus communicans
The neurons that select a particular motor program are the __________.
upper motor neurons in the premotor cortex
Dark-staining clusters of RER and ribosomes in neurons are called __________.
Nissl bodies
Receptors that detect the movement and position of a joint or body part are called __________.
Which of the following is the last step of a reflex arc?
PNS delivers motor response from CNS to effectors.
The ganglion associated with the facial nerve is the __________.
geniculate ganglion
A bundle of axons in the PNS is called __________.
Involuntary control of smooth and cardiac muscles and glands is provided by the __________.
autonomic nervous system
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