Chapter 5 Quiz

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 did which of the following?
Created a political structure for the new territories
The Constitutional Convention was spurred by which of the following?
None of the above
All of the following were seen as a ways to instruct the public in civic virtue EXCEPT:
Folk traditions
Which of the following is NOT true of the Virginia Plan?
It was based on the one-state one-vote principle.
Why did the artisans of New York City support the ratification of the Constitution?
They wanted a strong government to protect their economic interests
Where did the convention to reform the Articles of Confederation take place?
Why did the Confederation Congress have trouble meeting such obligations as playing the Continental Army?
It did not have the power to levy taxes
As a result of the economic, diplomatic, and political crises of the 1780s:
A small but powerful group of nationalists believed that constitutional reform was needed
The words “insure domestic Tranquility” may have been a reference to:
Shay’s Rebellion
According to Enlightenment thinking, why might it be possible to use education to create model citizens?
People were thought to be born a blank state upon which republican ideals could be written
Why did Shay’s Rebellion give additional impetus to those hoping to reform the Articles of Confederation?
It revealed the vulnerability of a nation with a weak central government
After the Constitution was ratified, Anti-Federalists chose to:
Work within the framework provided by the Constitution to secure their goals
Most Anti-Federalists:
Distrusted the social and economic elite
The Virginia Plan was primarily drafted by:
James Madison
How did the Articles of Confederation reflect the colonial experience of Americans?
Americans had resented taxation and government by the British and so created a weak central government
What caused the trade deficit with Britain after the Revolution?
Desire for luxury goods that had been unavailable during the war
What type of men dominated the colonial assemblies before the Revolution?
The wealthy
The United States faced military conflicts with all of the following EXCEPT:
Why did Americans of the revolutionary generation look to the Roman Republic as a model?
It represented the ideal of republic virtue
How did Benjamin Franklin view the Constitution?
As nearly perfect
What compromise did the Constitutional Convention reach in regards to the slave trade?
Congress did not have the authority to ban the slave trade until 1808
Based on the online lectures associated with Chapter 5, the debate over the Constitution did not produce any limits on the President’s office since all trusted Washington, the likely choice.


What is the most likely reason why most state politicians were Anti-Federalists?
They could lose a lot of power relative to the central government established by the Constistution
On June 21, 1788, which state’s vote gave Federalists the nine states needed to ratify the Constitution?
New Hampshire
Which of the following events happened first?
The signing of the Treaty of Paris
In The Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson argued against:
State support for religion
Thomas Jefferson’s initial plan for the Northwest Territory called for:
The end of slavery in the western territories after 1800
The Treaty of Paris failed to recognize:
The interests of the Indian peoples
Why was George Washington looked upon as a model of civic virtue?
He served his country when needed
Which is most likely NOT a reason that the Federalist position ultimately prevailed?
The form of government established by the Constitution is the only one that could have succeeded
What motivated the Confederation Congress to print paper currency?
A shortage of silver and gold
Many Anti-Federalists were concerned that the Constitution did not:
Include a bill of rights
What was the Newburgh conspiracy?
A planned military coup
What effect did the glut of paper currency have on the American economy?
Severe inflation
Women were expected to participate int he political life of the new republic by:
Cultivating patriotism and virtue in their children
The Great Compromise, devised by Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth:
Resolved the dispute over representation in Congress
Supporters of ratification of the Constitution included large segments of all of the following groups EXCEPT:
Backcountry farmers
In what way is the Constitution a departure from the original plan for government embraced after the Revolution?
Americans originally wanted a government that exemplified democracy and could not become too powerful, whereas the Constitution did not allow for a directly elected president but did allow for taxation.
The Constitution established a Congress that had:
Two houses, one representing each state equally and one determined by population
The Revolution challenged traditional republican theory, according to which citizens were expected to
Defer to their betters
Each of the following men was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention EXCEPT for
Thomas Jefferson
What were the Shaysites attempting to accomplish through Shays’s Rebellion?
Stop farm foreclosures
How did the Land Ordinance of 1785 effectively bar the average citizen from directly obtaining land in the Northwest Territories?
Its system for distributing land in the territories was prohibitive
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