Chapter 50. Jubilees and Jubilation: The African American Spiritual Tradition

Which European composer was an early supporter of African American musical styles like the spiritual?
Art-song arrangements of African American spirituals were an important part of which cultural movement?
the Harlem renaissance
At the turn of the 1800s, camp meetings in the United States were not segregated by cultural background.
The texture of African American spirituals is best described as:
Which of the following describes Harry T. Burleigh’s career?
He worked for Dvořák.
He arranged spirituals for voice and piano.
He became an editor for a music publisher.

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The singing of spirituals offered the slave community a sense of solidarity
The style and structure of African American spirituals were in strict imitation of European models
Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, was established as a college for freed slaves.
Which of the following describes the Fisk Jubilee Singers?
They raised enough money to construct a major building on the Fisk campus.
They were a part of Fisk University.
They toured in the United States.
They toured in Europe.
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is considered to reflect a combination of which cultures?
Native American
African American
European American
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot became a favorite tune of which college-level performing group?
What scale is utilized in Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?
Spirituals fell out of circulation after the Civil War in the United States.
Spirituals gained a broader presence in the United States after the Civil War largely due to the work of a touring choral group from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Harry T. Burleigh worked with the European composer ___________________ while he was teaching in the United States.
antoin darvark
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