Chapter 6 Memory Corrections

Shaquain finish his term paper and handed it in. As he walked out of classroom, he realized that there were a few more things he should hav included in the paper. Shaquain problem is the___ component of memory
C. retrival
When people hear a sound, their ears turn into vibrations in the air into neutral message into neural message from the auditiory nerves, which makes it possible for the brain to interpret the sound. This process is called
A. encoding
Janie is taking an exam in her history class. On the exam there is a question that asks her to state and discuss the five maor causes of Trans- Casprin War. Janie remembers four of them. She knows there is fifth, but the time is up . As Janie is walking down the stairs, all of sudden, she remebers the fifth point, but it is too late. Janie had a problem with
C. retrival
In the levels of processing model of memory, information that gets processed at a ____ level is more likely to be retained longer and form a stronger memory than information that is processed at a _____ level
A. deeper; shallower
according to craik and lockhart we are most likely to remember information that we process at a
A. Deeper
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Chapter 6 Memory Corrections
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the levels of processing concept of craik and lockhart would suggest that which of the following questions would lead to better memory of the word frog?
D. would it be found in a pond
craik and lockhart model of memory states that how long a memory will be remembered depends on
D.the depth of processing associated with learning the materials
which of the following examples represents deep processing as described by craik and lockhart
c. thinking bout the meaning of a word
In the parallel distributed processing model of memory,
A. information is simultaneously stored in a network that stretches across the brain
the fleeting images we see as we look out the car window occur in
A. sensory memory
Using the partial report method, Sperling found the capacity of iconic memory to be around_______
D. one to two items
in the partial report method of sperling’s study of sensory memory the participants were to report
A. one of three lines of letters as indicated by the sound of a tone immediately presented after the letters had disappered
iconic memory is to echoic memory as
C. visual is to auditory
which of the following distinguished sensory memory (sm) from short-term memory (stm)
C. sensory memory holds a large amount of separate pieces of information
One problem with relying on eidetic imagery to study for tests is that_____
C. you may be able to recall the material but you don’t necessarily understand it
which type of memory allows us to have meaningful conversations
b. echoic memory
If one wants to increase the capacity of short term memory, more items can be held through the process of ___
a. chunking
Chunking is a means of
b. combing information into meaningful units
Suppose tamika looks up a number in the telephone book. After getting a busy signal, a minute or so later she tries to call again- but has already forgotten the number. This example illustrates the limited duration of ___ memory
B. short term
If one wanted to use the best method to get storage in long term memory, one would use_____
E. elaborative rehearsal
It is thought that long term memory never can get filled up. The term used to describe the capacity of long term memory is ______
D. unlimited
recalling the definition of long-term memory is an example of
B. semantic memory
remembering your first day of college classes is an example of____ memories
A. episodic
Jesse still has very vivid memories of his first romantic kiss. This example illustrates a specific form of ____ memory known as a ____ memory
b. episodic; autobiographical
Which of the following statements is true about semantic and episodic memories?
explict and implict
long term memory is thought to be organized in the form of
A. semantic networks or nodes of related information spreading out from a central piece of knowledge
How do retrieval cues help you to remember ?
C. they direct you to relevant information stored in long term memory
Someone asks you to name the twenty second president of the United states, but you can’t remember. To aid your memory, the person then tells you that the president’s name is the same as that of a large city on Lake Eric. Upon hearing th int, you instantly realize that Grover Cleveland is the answer. In this situation, the hint acted as a ____
retrieval cue
Which of the following pairings would result in the best overall memory?
C. serious during learning and serious during recall
studies have found that the best way to overcome the tip-of-the-tongue effect is to
C. forget about it and let the item just come to you
The fact that it is easier to recall items at the beginning and end of a list of unrelated items is known as the _____.
C. serial position effect
When given a list of items to remember, people tend to do better at recalling the first items on the list than the middle of the list, this is known as the___
D. primacy effect
When given a list of items to remember, people tend to do better at recalling the last items on the list. This is known as the____
C. recency effect
according to primacy and recency effects when reading the chapters of the textbook
C. information in the middle of the chapter
Flashbulb memories____
usually concern events that are emotionally charged
Which of the following is most likely to be memorable for most people?
A. a photograph of a dead soldier
which of the following statements about flashbulb memories is true
A. flashbulb memories tend to be about as accurate as other types of memories
Rochelle remembered getting “b”s” in her English lit classes in college. But years later when she applied for a job and took out her transcript, she was shocked to find that she has actually gotten C grades. She ten started telling everyone she remembers being a pretty poor student. Her erratic memory of her mediocre performance is most likely due to ____
B. hindsight bias
Based on Loftus’s 1978 study, subjects viewed a slide presentation of an accident, and some of the subjects were asked a question about a blue car when the actual slides contained pictures of a green car. When these same subjects were asked about the color of the car at the accident, they were found to be confused. This is an example of the___
D. misinformation effect
Which of these individuals is the most typical person involved in a case in which memories of pas childhood abuse are recalled later in life?
A. Thirty year old Charlotte who sought therapy for anxiety, depression and recent weigh gain with a therapist who uses hypnosis
researchers using mri scanning have found that
B. false memories of visual images and visual images of real events are processed in much the same way
Forgetting in long term memory is most likely due to _____
A. interference from other information
When newer information interferes with the retrieval of older information, this is called ____
D. retroactive interference
Evidence suggests that short term memories are stored in the____
B. prefrontal obes of the cortex
Short term memories appear to be localized in the _____
D. prefrontal lobes
Evidence suggests that procedural memories are stored in the _____
A. cerebellum
Which of the following statements is True
C. different parts of the brain are specialized for the storage of memories
Mateo is 70 years old and had a stroke last year. He is now unable to remember how to get to and return from his new doctors office using a specific route. What brain structure was potentially damaged by Mateo’s stroke?
C. his hippocampus
a man known as h.m. lost the ability to form new memories after an operation remove portions of his
C. hippocampus
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