Character Evaluation of Katniss Essay

 Psychological History
Katniss suffers from no mental illness, we see she is very stable because she takes care of her family, especially when her mom is unable to - Character Evaluation of Katniss Essay introduction. There were no prior illness either so treatment was not applicable. Katniss is never involved with drug or alcohol usage. Katniss’s mother does suffer from depression. After Katniss’s father dies, her mother spiraled into grief, unable to get out of bed, putting her children’s health and safety in peril. They were too poor for her to receive any kind of help.

6. Katniss has great composure when in dire situations, she can mentally cope and use strategy to get out of these situations.
9. Katniss’s judement is very rational and she knows right from wrong or what she believes is the correct thing.

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Character Evaluation of Katniss
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V. Evaluation of character across the 3rd psychological model

A. Biopsychosocial Perspective

1. Behaviors emphasized: Since Katniss’s mom suffers from depression from the loss of her husband, katniss herself could easily go through trauma during the games that could depress her. 2. How problem is defined: NOT SURE YET

3. Etiological factors identified: The depression of her mother and death of her father 4. Treatment recommendations: Release stress in a calm way such as writing or keeping herself busy. VII. Treatment recommendations: Writing down all of her thoughts in a journal would help release all the possible stress and anxiety she keeps buried inside. Also talking with another person about whats going on in her life would be good.

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