Characteristics of Workers' Compensation Plans Essay - Part 2

There are four federal workers’ compensation plans and two state compensation plans - Characteristics of Workers' Compensation Plans Essay introduction. These plans are put into place to protect employees from injuries in the work place. The four federal workers’ compensation plans are: The Federal Employees’ Compensation Program which provides to people employed by federal government under FECA. The Long-shore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Program which provides to people employed in the maritime field. The Federal Black Lung Program which provides for people that work in the coal mines.

The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program which provides for workers who have developed cancer or other serious diseases, due to exposure to radiation or other radioactive materials. The two types of state workers’ compensation benefits are: One pays the medical expenses of a work related injuries of the employee and the other pays lost wages due to not being able to work because of the injuries. I feel they need to have both federal and state compensation plans, because federal employees need to be covered as well as state employees.

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Characteristics of Workers’ Compensation Plans
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The federal plans cover employees that work in governmental industries. State plans vary from state to state but they all cover every other employee. The businesses that are not covered by workers’ compensation plans could have to deal with legal issues and cannot retaliate against employees that file a complaint with workers’ compensation for their injuries. My paper has covered state and federal plans with workers’ compensation and who they cover and what they cover them for. It is important to have plans in effect for employees to protect them from injury due to work place accidents.

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