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The following firstborn of the Bundren kids, Darl delivers the largest figure of interior soliloquies in the novel. An highly sensitive and articulate immature adult male, he is grief stricken by the decease of his female parent and the predicament of his household & # 8217 ; s burial journey. After he sets fire to the Gillespie barn in an effort to incinerate his female parent & # 8217 ; s cadaver, his household commits him against his will to a mental establishment in Jackson.

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The asshole kid borne of Addie & # 8217 ; s matter with Whitfield, Jewel lives with the Bundren household as though he were wholly of it. However, his alone ancestors inspire within him a ferociously independent bend of head. As an stripling, he in secret earned adequate money to buy his ain Equus caballus, and his autonomy leads to patronize clangs with Anse. A big immature adult male, younger than Darl but older than Dewey Dell, he is as physically active as he is enforcing, haling Addie across the implosion therapy river and delivering her from the combustion barn.

Dewey Dell, the lone Bundren girl, is a 17 year-old with a lascivious run. She becomes pregnant after an matter with Lafe, and s

eeks an abortion in Jefferson.

Anse, the patriarch of the Bundren household, is a hapless husbandman who feels duty-bound to honour his late married woman & # 8217 ; s burial petition. But his unhalting aspiration to present Addie to rest in Jefferson at any cost and despite all adversities serves to project uncertainty on both his intelligence and his motivations. Upon eventually geting in Jefferson, Anse rapidly makes good on his promise to Addie, and so returns to get a new set of false dentitions and a 2nd bride.

The eldest of the Bundren kids, Cash is an aspirant carpenter who occupies himself with the building of his female parent & # 8217 ; s casket during her dying yearss. After antecedently digesting a broken leg when he fell from the roof of a church, he re-injures the same leg in the journey to bury Addie while trying to traverse a river with a waggon in the face of flood conditions. For the remainder of the fresh Cash is incapacitated, and as the consequence of a cheapjack effort to put his injured leg in cement, he is hobbled for life.

Vardaman is the youngest of the Bundren kids. The fish he catches on the twenty-four hours of his female parent & # 8217 ; s decease comes to stand as a symbol of her life and her passing

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