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Charectoristics Of An Entrepen Research Paper Essay

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Charectoristics Of An Entrepen Essay, Research Paper

An entrepenuer is person who assunes the finacial hazard of begining and

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Charectoristics Of An Entrepen Research Paper
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pull offing a new venture. The venture can be based on a wholly new thought, a new manner of

making something, a new location, or trying something no 1 else has done earlier.

To get down a little bussiness you need goood recognition or the four C & # 8217 ; s. The four C & # 8217 ; s are

recognition capacity, collaterial, assurance, and character. Who you are and who others belive

you are is really of import.

As I looked over the articles on the entrepenuer web site, the three triats that I

noticed were ; difficult work, finding, and committedness.

Not to many people I know like difficult work. I would state that the bulk of the

public looks for the easy manner out. The difficult work I put toward this category will assist me

accomplish my end of gaining an A. Anything that is deserving holding is deserving my difficult work.

In my bosom I would instead cognize that I worked difficult for something than to cognize I was

handed a freebe.Comming to category everyday, making studies on the weekends, and doting

after school is all portion of doing the class and doing it count. When it is all over and

done with I can state, I did it and I earned it!

Determination is another trait that is needed to command each individuals ain hereafter.

Its wha

T makes you take hazards and makes you take the untraditional way. Its what makes

you think of new possibilities to carry through your ends. When I enrolled in this category I

had been out of school for two old ages. I had a good occupation where I had the money for the

things I needed every bit good as most of my wants. Determination is what drove me to foster

instruction, and the relazation that I wanted more for myself. Without finding I

wouldn & # 8217 ; t be here and I wouldn & # 8217 ; t be taking control of my hereafter.

Committedness is a conflict within one ego reguardless of failure or success. You

hold to remain commited to what your seeking to carry through. When looking into doing a

committedness the first thing most people realize is that they are working really hard and

they are non acquiring their coveted consequences. The thing with committedness is that you stick

through it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You take it all and in the terminal hopefully you & # 8217 ; ll

be rewarded. My wages for my long term committedness is an instruction and a good occupation.

Making this study has helped me recognize what qualities I posses every bit good as the

qualities I need to work on. When you decide to make something, and truly make it, it takes

alot more than merely finishing the assigned undertaking. It takes difficult work, finding and

committedness to yourself every bit good as the undertakings in front.

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Charectoristics Of An Entrepen Research Paper Essay. (2018, Jun 15). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/charectoristics-of-an-entrepen-essay-research-paper/

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