Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life Essay

The film “Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life” informed me much more about the theories and beliefs Darwin once discovered than I have ever known before - Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life Essay introduction. This film captured my attention a lot because of the fact that I’m very interested in learning about the way things evolved and how things were discovered by such important people such as Darwin and Mendel. All throughout Science classes in high school, my teachers would discuss about Charles Darwin and how he proposed the scientific theory of natural selection.

Charles Darwin’s proposal theory of natural selection was established by his observations and research on evolution. Even though there was scientific rejection about the things he believed such as concepts of transmutation of species, he never gave up. One of his most famous books is “On the Origin of Species”, which was published in 1859, it became a major hit despite the controversy that maybe people didn’t believe in evolution. After this book was published many people came to accept his theory and the belief of natural selection.

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Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
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Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace both conceived the same theory about natural selection. The difference was that Darwin was collecting evidence for many years and studied artifacts and fossils for several years at a time. Darwin had much more experience in what he was studying and researching then Wallace. I strongly believe in Darwin’s theory because not only does it help to know where we came from, but how the world has evolved from century to century. This film helped me understand much more about the concept of natural selection. -Maria Arellano

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