Chekhov Misery Analysis - Leadership Essay Example

According to expert’s point of view, personality features originate from childhood, and leadership qualities are not exceptions - Chekhov Misery Analysis introduction. Parents can play a special role in encouraging their children to become avid leaders by protecting, giving independence and freedom of expression to their children. First of all, parent’s all-out support from their children paves the way of flourishing talents which are requisites for an efficient leadership. Undertaking the guidance of a group requiring sufficient knowledge and experience.

Parent’s responsibility is to protect their children especially when they commit mistakes. In my opinion this is the only way by which a person can gain the courage and self confidence, and perform creatively. On the other hand, when somebody depend on his/her parents for support he/she can risk, and broaden his/her knowledge by accumulating experiences. Perhaps giving independence by parents to children can be considered the second decisive and persuasive factor for children to become avid leaders.


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Parents can create the sense of responsibility and independence by giving different responsibilities to their children in order not to be indifferent about people and surrounding affairs, and know himself/herself responsible for reforms in his/her society. This independence also makes others believe these person abilities, unless; he/she is largely ignored by his/her entourages, and can not perform effectively. Giving freedom of expression seems the third responsibility that parents have.

Parents have to attract their children’s participation and asking about their opinions. Also parents have to allow their children to express their ideas and attitudes, and criticize others performance logically. It makes people to gain capacity of accepting criticism and reform their performance according to constructive comments of others, and analyze the performance of their subordinates in an effective manner.

To put in a nutshell, so much circumstances have to provide for a person to become a skilful leader. Obviously there are many responsibilities on parents pare which I have pointed out some of them. These responsibilities are not strictly the most important ones, and these are just my understandings; but, on the whole, it can show parents undeniable role in the process of training children.

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