Chelmno Extermination Camp

Chelmno Extermination Camp Chelmno was a typical death camp for all the Jews - Chelmno Extermination Camp introduction. Chelmno was established in November 1941 and the extermination process began on December 8th, this was also the very first camp established. When extermination began the first transport was from the province of Lodz, but this camp exterminated the Jews from the Warthegau. This area was a part of Poland and mainly consisted almost all of the province of Lodz and some of the province of Warsaw. This area inhabited more than 4,546,000 people (including 450,000 Jews).

Along with about 1,000 Jews being exterminated daily , nearly 5,000 Gypsies, as well as thousands of Poles and Russian prisoners were murdered at this camp. Mainly the Jews were transported by trains, but sometimes they were delivered by cars, but that was very rare. Not only were the Jews transported from Poland, there were also many from Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland. All of these Jews were murdered by the most efficient way the Germans could find to kill them. Chelmno Was the first extermination camp and it used gas cars to kill the people. The S. S.

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were used for the mass murdering of this tragedy. They told the Jews they were going for military work in the East. The Germans first selected a group of individuals to step forward if they had experience for what the Germans needed for their criminal activities. Those were the only groups of people to be saved from the gas chambers. So after the Germans had selected the workers, then they told the rest of the people that they would have to take a bath and their clothes had to be disinfected before they leave. So then they went in cars to the baths, but that’s not actually where they went.

When they got in, the doors locked and a exhaust started and released carbon monoxide, then in 4 to 5 minutes when the screams and cries stopped. They then took the car into the woods, they opened the car doors and let it air out before they took the bodies out. When they took the bodies out, they searched it for and gold teeth, rings or any valuables. When they finished the search the bodies were taken in a wooden barrier were they were buried, then eventually burned. There is not an exact number of people who were murder at Chelmno, but only

the few survivors from this camp estimated about 1,000 people at this camp daily because they had to count the tickets of the people getting off the trains. The number of days for full activity of this camp was 330, so there was about 340,000 people executed at this extermination camp. This camp was demolished and it was one of the most tragic camps of all. Bibliography: 1. Zamosc, Leon. “Chelmno Extermination Camp. ” JEWISH GOMBIN (GABIN, POLAND, JEWISH GENEALOGY): CHELMNO. Edmond J. Safra Plaza, 31 May 2005. Web. 22 Apr. 2013. 2. “Chelmno Extermination Camp (Poland). ” Chelmno Extermination Camp (Poland). N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.

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