Chemical And Phisical Changes Research Paper Essay

Title: Chemical and Physical Changes.

Purpose: To find the differences between chemical and physical alterations when they happen.

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Chemical And Phisical Changes Research Paper
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Materials: Five trial tubing, Bunsen burner, crucible, test tubing holder, ternary beam balance, pealing base, trigon, vaporization dish, wood splint, Cu turnings, Cu ( II ) nitrate, dilute azotic acid, Ba ( NO3 ) 2, Na2CrO4, FeCl3, KSCN, AgNO3, ammonium bichromate, safety goggles, and lucifers.

Results:1. Data tabular array ( see attached page )

2. Questions ( 1-3 ) :

1. A chemical alteration normally foams, flickers, explodes or lets off gas, and it changes the substance into a compound.

A physical alteration will alter colour, melt or vaporize but it will non alter the substance.

2. A physical alteration that seems like a chemical Chang Jiang

vitamin E is when I poured the FeCl3, and KSCN together because they were both clear but together they turned ruddy.

3. A chemical belongings is if a chemical or component has a reaction with another chemical, component or heat. A chemical alteration is the reaction the two or more substances have together to make a new compound.

Decision: In this lab, we conducted many experiments to see if chemicals and elements have a reaction together. We were to find if the reaction was chemical or physical alteration. We were supposed to give illustrations to why they were chemical or physical alterations. Most of the chemical combinations led to a chemical alteration. I think the best illustration of a chemical alteration was the ammonium bichromate experiment, because it showed the most illustrations of alteration.

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