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Chemical arms are a serious menace to the universe and have the ability to pass over out full metropoliss, destructing everything in sight - Chemical Warfare Research Paper Chemical weapons Essay introduction. Chemical arms were foremost widely used in WWI. Just how many people were killed or injured in WWI due to chemical arms? Harmonizing to the Chemical Weapons Convention web page, 1,400,000 people were affected by chemical arms during WWI. The most serious casualties occurred in Russia where 475,000 people were injured and 56,000 people were killed ( CWC Homepage E. The menace of Chemical arms is still among us today. Recently Saddam Hussein avoided arm reviews by the United Nations. It has been discovered that Hussein had used chemical arms during Desert Storm and may still hold some.

Chemical warfare can be used in more ways than one. The most common usage of chemical warfare is through the usage of gasses. These chemical gasses can be used in hand-to-hand combat where the gasses are stored in grenades and thrown or fired from a grenade launcher. To acquire a wider consequence, the gasses can be sprayed from an aeroplane, similar to spraying. Many times, bombs that contain atomic chemicals or toxicant gasses are dropped on metropoliss. Missiles have now been filled with atomic payloads and biological toxins. The United States ETomahawk missiles and Iraq s S.C.U.D. missiles are illustrations of this ( Mitretek ) .

Chemical arms are made to assail a individual s cardinal nervous system. They attack the eyes, nose, pharynx, and tegument. Most chemical agents are airborne. A common airborne chemical arm used by the constabulary in public violence state of affairss is tear gas. The tear gas is kept in grenades and irritates the eyes and lungs, doing violent coughing, bleary vision, and an inability to contend back. Another really common chemical arm is mustard gas.

The molecular expression for mustard gas is C4H8Cl2S ( Mitretek ) . Mustard gas has no immediate consequence but after about four hours symptoms of itchiness, combustion, and redness in countries where the gas has contact with the tegument occurs. These symptoms are followed by tissue puffiness and after 20 to twenty four hours, blisters form around the septic country turning into big blisters with a colorless liquid. The lesions from the gas take several months to mend ( Mitretek ) . Exposure or inspiration of mustard gas, every bit good as other chemicals, for a long period of clip can besides be fatal.

A more recent type of chemical warfare is atomic arms such as the atomic bomb used in World War II. In atomic arms, atoms are split and when these atoms split, immense detonations occur, raising the temperature of the country where the atomic arm is dropped to one million grades Fahrenheit in less than one second ( Hiroshima ) . Everything near to the country becomes vaporized and a immense blast expands from the epicentre of the detonation ( Hiroshima ) . Radiation from the blast causes terrible harm to the Deoxyribonucleic acid of an being and improper cell mitosis. Victims of atomic bomb victims suffer from terrible radiation Burnss, mutants, asepsis in work forces, and birth defects in pregnant adult females ( Mitretek ) .

Biological warfare is likely the deadliest type of chemical warfare. Biological warfare, besides know as source warfare, is the usage of micro-organisms, viruses, and the toxins that are produced from them to do disease and decease of enemy soldiers, civilians, animate beings, and even harvests. This type of warfare is more unsafe than other types of warfare because the diseases are contagious ; one time one individual catches it, it spreads to

others doing the disease to be more effectual and last longer long after the original sample has been exposed ( Mitretek ) .

Anthrax is one of the most popular biological arms. There are two chief types of splenic fever. The lupus erythematosus

unsafe type of splenic fever is found in dirt and can be contracted by worlds when managing infected animate beings. This type of splenic fever causes sickness and illness. The more unsafe type of splenic fever is airborne and is dropped from aeroplanes. When the airborne splenic fever is inhaled, it causes cardiac and or respiratory apprehension taking to immediate decease. Viruss can besides be used as chemical arms ( Mitretek ) .

The little syphilis virus, besides known as poxviridae, still exists today but can merely be found in two topographic points: in a deep-freeze in a lab in the United States, and the other in a lab in Russia. Both states would wish to stop the menace of variola but each states fear that if one of them destroys their strain of variola, the other will assail with the virus. Each of the two states still holds the biological arm because of this fright. This is an illustration of why we do non hold complete chemical arm censoring today. Everyone frights that if they turn over their chemical arms, another state will assail and catch their state ( CWC Homepage E.

The thought of chemical warfare is non a new one. For centuries, chemical and biological agents have been used in conflicts to catch enemies. In ancient times, the Spartans used pitch and S in conflicts. In mediaeval times, soldiers would utilize a slingshot to throw organic structures of pestilence victims over the walls of their enemies to distribute the pestilence ( History E. They would besides throw organic structures of pestilence victims in the Wellss of their enemies to pollute their supply of H2O ( History E. Even our state was gained by

utilizing the thought of chemical warfare. During the Gallic and Indian wars, American settlers gave covers used by victims of the variola virus to the Native Americans ( History E. The Native Americans had ne’er been exposed to the European disease and the disease dispersed rapidly among their population.

The first clip chemical warfare was widely used was during World War I. In 1915 in Ypres, France, the Germans spread chlorine gas near the British and Gallic lines. This sparked the usage and development of deathly chemical agents by both side during the war. By 1917, the Germans were utilizing nervus and mustard gasses. Soon the gas mask became the most of import piece of equipment to a soldier, following to his gun ( Mitretek ) . The war made chemical arms popular and production and usage of chemical arms increased.

Merely late have people begun to recognize the dangers of chemical warfare. In 1972, 70 states, including the United States and the Soviet Union, signed the Biological Weapons Convention. By subscribing the Biological Weapons Convention, these 70 states pledged to halt the production of chemical arms and to destruct all of the chemical and biological agents in their ownership. The states agreed that the chemical arms killed excessively many people. Today President Clinton is still working hard to criminalize the usage, production, and ownership of chemical arms. A pact was designed in 1992 and was opened for signature in January of 1993 ( CWC Homepage E. By November 1997, 168 states signed the pact and 105 other states ratified it ( CWC Homepage E. The menace of chemical warfare may ne’er stop because of the fright that if a state gives up their research and supply of arms, they leave themselves unfastened

for onslaught by a state with chemical arms. With the recent fright of Iraq s arm supply, the menace of chemical warfare is still alive today and may ne’er stop.

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