Child abuse argumentative

Everyday a child suffers from these, physically, verbally and sexually. You might be wondering how anyone could have a heart so weak and bitter to do perform these tasks on an innocent child. Everyday a child gets abused either physically, verbally or sexually by their so called caring parents who are supposed to love them and keep them in a safe and secure environment ironically in their home. Physical abuse is when you use actions instead of communicating verbally and if serious enough can result in death. A child can be hit, kicked or even punched which leaves bruises or broken bones!

Do you want to hear the slap of a hand hitting a weak and frail little angel’s skin or the thud of a shoe smashing tiny bones? A child does not have the physical strength to over power their abusers, If they try to fight back they will suffer serious consequences! Sometimes a child can be used as a human ashtray, such a worthless Item! Is a child as worthless as an ashtray? Abusers try to cover up the marks they have left on their victims usually by covering them with layers of clothes and threatening them if they tell anyone they will be in for a serious beaten.

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An example of abusers trying to cover their victims arks up is, the incident that happened with which used to be a bubbly blue eyed little boy Baby P who was abused for 17 months without anyone having the slightest concern that anything like this was happening behind closed doors. When visitors came his mother out chocolate over his face so they wouldn’t see the bruises which had been left from the beatings he got from her. Baby P could do nothing to stop this saying he was so young.

Anyone old enough to tell anyone is too afraid to open their mouths to anyone about what Is going on because they knew that If It got back o their abusers they would suffer serious consequences. Verbal abuse Is as serious as physical abuse even if you don’t use actions because you could hurt a child’s self esteem and confidence towards other adults. Shouting uncontrollably at a child makes them feel like crawling up in a corner, feeling scared, hugging their knees as tight as possible just dreaming that this would all come to an end.

This makes the child feel intimidated by the abuser but they still wont say a word to anyone because they think that nobody will be listening because they don’t have any evidence that this is happening to them. Bad language from a parent sets a bad example for a child and makes them feel like they are a piece of dirt on the floor Just waiting to be swept up and put in the bin. An abuser would mostly focus on a child’s weaknesses because they know that by using them It will hurt them more. They could be saying comments about someone they love or a family member which they were close too which they have lost.

This makes the child feel Insecure and feel Like there is no meaning in life for them anymore because they feel that if they were dead Sexual abuse is as serious as both verbal and physical because this could invade a hill’s private area which they are not comfortable with if they are young and they could suffer from severe pain. Sexual abuse isn’t when a abuser has sexual intercourse with their victim it could also be talking to them about sexual things or feeling them in places which they are not comfortable with.

A young child would be an easier target for sexual abuse because they don’t know what anything the abuser is doing to them means because they are too young to be told about it. Sexual abuse can lead to losses of trust, decreases in self esteem, and development of shame, guilt and depression. In serious circumstances it can lead to eating disorders, substance abuse, suicide and prostitution. Some children get abused so badly they sit in their room crying their little hearts out wishing they weren’t born; anything to get away from the excruciating pain and heart breaking which are happening in the house they are currently living in.

They try to run away from their fears, but in the end they know they are going to have to face reality again! They will be left do perform tasks by themselves which include: making lunches for school, making meals to eat, doing homework by themselves, doing chores by themselves because they onto have the luxury of having parents that love them and would normally perform those tasks for them if they were a real caring family. A child would be spending most of their days having thoughts running through their heads about what it would be like to have a family that loved and cared for them.

They would be dreaming of jumping into hot bubble baths which would be run for them by their mother; newly ironed dresses, waiting anxiously on the bed ready to be worn; a delicious home cooked meal set on the table ready to be eaten; and diving into a comfy, warm bed not having the worries of being beaten the following day. But they know that these will only happen in their dreams if they don’t try and contact someone to sort the problem which they are having out. Child abuse usually happens due too specific reason from the abuser.

Some of these reasons are: the abuser was abused during his childhood and they feel the need to take these actions out on another person to show how they were treated when they were young. The abuser could be an alcohol addict and this could result in them becoming violent when they have been drinking and taking all their anger out on a child. It could be caused by the abuser having stress and not knowing how to deal with it properly and using violence as a way to get the stress out of their heads.

It could also be brought on to the children because they might be born with a serious illness or having characteristics that the abuser does not like or cannot deal with and they find abuse is the way to get rid of it. Statistics have shown that 25% of children experienced some form of abuse during their childhood. More than 20% of sexual abuse has occurred to children under the age of 8. Nearly 50% has occurred to children under the age of There are people and organizations which can help child abuse victims to 2. Al with their problems and can be done with confidentiality, in serious circumstances they will deal your problem as soon as possible. If you feel like you want to talk to someone in your local area there are councilors which attend your school a couple of days a week. If you feel that you are not ready to have a face to face chat with somebody you can phone organizations such as: NSP – National National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence. These will help you deal with your problems confidently and try and get you to a safe environment as quickly as they can without having to let your abuser know that you rang them

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