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Child Abandonment: Abuse

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Sexual abuse also referred to as molestation, is the forcing of undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another who is under the age of consent, ability to determine whether or not the act is voluntary or involuntary. The effect it has on children at young ages Turtle behaves abnormally and even the bruises show the mark it leaves.

Child abandonment is the practice of surrendering interests and claims over one’s offspring with the intent of never again reasserting them.

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Child Abandonment: Abuse
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The causes are both involuntary and voluntary based on the situations that the families are in. Involuntary abandonment is common amongst poverty stricken families. They do not have the ability to raise a child and so they reluctantly give their childs up. Poverty is a worldwide matter that is getting worse everyday. With the increased amount of poverty children are being left on the streets to the vulnerable world. There are also internal family matters that sometimes leave children on the streets including divorce amongst parents where neither child takes charge of the responsibility of raising the child, inevitably leading to child abandonment.

At other times, the parents feel that after the divorce, the child would be better off with a family that could support their growth.

These negative mentalities that adults have are contributing to the worldwide matter of child abandonment. Thirdly children have been found to be abandoned due to the fact that their parents have passed away. This involuntary choice is one that is increasingly adding to the number of children suffering every year as more and more children are left to die. Parents also abandon their children for selfish reasons, which is also referred to as child neglect. The reason for leaving child is in the interest of the parents not the child.

This has a great psychological effect on children. They are sometimes unable to win over the trauma and pain they had to suffer at a very young age and develop a disease known as.

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