Child Called “It”

A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer Review

Character Identification

Describe who the characters are and what relationship they share with the main character.

  1. Stephen Joseph = He was David’s father. He was a fireman and stood about 5’10 and weighed about 190 pounds. He had broad shoulders and forearms that would make any muscle man proud. His thick black eyebrows matched his hair
  2. Catherine Roerva = David’s mother. She was a woman of average size and appearance. She was a woman who glowed with love for her children. She was very determined. She always had ideas, and she always took command of all family matters
  3. Ronald and Stan = David’s two younger brothers Part Two: Directions-These words and ideas play a significant role throughout chapter two. What is the role and how does it affect the story? Be as detailed and as specific as possible.
  4. Red paint  = One Day the mother did not feel like herself and she painted the steps and placed the mats down before the paint dried. David asked him why and she smiled responded, “I just wanted to surprise your father. This affects the story because it shows that at one time the mother wanted to please her family.
  5. Chinatown = The mother took the kids to Chinatown one day and when they got home started her record player and played Oriental music. She then decorated the dining room with Chinese lanterns. She dressed in a kimono and served a Chinese meal. This affects the story because it shows how the mother changed from a loving, fun mother into a crazy woman that couldn’t care less about David.
  6. Pets = David’s house used to always be full of Pets and Dave was proud when he got to name the turtle. The mother used to always teach lessons about the different species of animals they had. This is effective in the story because David’s mom used to enjoy spending time with her kids and David used to be part of the family.
  7. Russian River = David and his family spent summer vacations at the Russian river where every day was a new adventure. This is effective in the story because David’s parents used to include him in fun things and treat him like a family member and not give him unfair punishments.


Fill in the answers to the questions below. Use as much detail and example as possible.

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Use the back of the worksheet if you need more space.

  • Describe some of the wonderful things that Dave’s mother did for her family? She took them to China town, bought them pets, kept the house spotless, she made holidays special. She put toys under the kid’s pillows on Halloween. She planned activities when the family went away on vacation.
  • Describe Christmas with Dave’s family? When did the celebrations begin? The celebrations began the day after Thanksgiving when the mother would put out the decorations. They’d get a tall tree and decorate it and take turns each year putting the angel on the tree. Then the parents take the kids in the station wagon to go look at the other decorated houses. When they got home they sat by the fireplace and drank eggnog. The mom would wake the kids up on Christmas morning and they opened their dozens of gifts.
  • Why did David feel so special at the Russian River? Do you think that this is important to a child? David felt so special at the Russian River because he was truly happy with his life. His Mother was fun and took them on a new adventure every day. His father played with the kids and his parents were affectionate towards him. It is important for a child to know that their parents love them.

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