Child Care Stress and Young Children Article Review

The Article that I found off the website and the title of it is called “Managing stress in child care services” - Child Care Stress and Young Children Article Review introduction. To summarize the article, it goes on to explain and teach teachers and young professionals working in child care services or a preschool setting. The demands of working with young children and their families can be physical, intellectual and emotional which requires flexibility, compassion, and constant energy. There is never a break when in a child care setting/classroom setting because you are always moving and have no time to relax.

The article goes on to explain that even the most dedicated child care professionals can be stretched to their limit and experience stress and eventually burnout. Here are as follows some questions that I summarized to help with dealing and what type of stress when in the child care center. -How can stress affect child care professionals? Well, each child care professional will respond to stressful situations differently and the symptoms of stress vary between people.

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Some professionals may feel energized by a stressful situation and view it as a challenge and an opportunity to make a difference/change. How can adult Stress affect the children? One of the most disturbing results of the child care professional stress can have a negative effect on the children. When the child care professional is under pressure they can become insensitive and unresponsive to the needs of the children and out of touch with their interests. -How can stress be prevented?

Well, it may not be possible to eliminate stress entirely there are services can work toward identifying stress symptoms early and dealing promptly with the causes. Also indentifying the issues within the workplace that create stress and finding ways to improve the work environment is very important. Do I agree or disagree with this article? Why yes I certainly do because the article taught me from reading it how to handle stress and what to do when stress happens. I agree with the uthor because it is so true today with hearing testimonials from other professionals in child care. First, the children can cause stress in the workplace when they don’t quite cooperate with you in the classroom, Second, the management at your center can be stressful, because not only do you have the stress from the children you have the stress from the management as well, making sure you do things and they are up to par. How can I utilize the ideas in my present classroom?

The information has taught me to stay focused when I get stressed out I can ask my co-teachers to help with the load or deadlines that I have in the classroom. That will most definitely help me and maybe even ask for a ten minute break to just relax and breathe to pull myself together. My directors at my center offer breaks when the children are overwhelming you or you just don’t seem to have any time to get your deadlines done because you watching kids so they don’t get into mischief. How can this article impact you as an early childhood educator?

This article can help me when dealing with stress where I work because it gives you tools on how to deal with stress and to know when you are very stressed and how to a professional about it. It taught me how to speak to others, how to relax when stressed, and not to take you’re stress out on others, but to ask for help. I will learn to be proactive in my planning and organizing activities for the children. That always helps me when I have extra time when the children are napping. That’s when I work on cutting out art and other things for the kids to do.

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