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Child Development and Monitoring Essays

There are many different ways to monitor a childs development,such as formal testing / SATS etc which record a childs academic attainment / inteleectual development. But also formative methods such as different child observational methods - target child, tick box checklists, time sampling methods. All would be used in different settings and for different purposes by different people. Teaching assistants may be asked to observe a child whose development is causing concern and feedback to the teacher... they may use the teachers checklist or simply be asked to undertake an observation.

You would always record / feedback to parents too about the outcome of your findings (via the teacher or according to your role). You would compare your observation / SATS / testing results against the expected norms and milestones / expected devleopmental age stats.... and use feedback from parents (any concerns shared at home etc).... to then check with class teacher, who would discuss with SENCO in school etc..... and they would then look if any school action / school action plus / SEN interventions were required....

With an older child you would need to involve him / her (according to his age and understanding) in any assessment of their development - so recording their feelings wishes and views..... check you are observing them in different contexts (depending on which areas of their development you are looking at - for example social development observe in playground, in group and individual settings etc). Also take into account their culture / EAL and any issues with these, as it is important to mention you have considered this - a young person may have EAL needs but these may not be creating delayed development (i. . he / she may not be delayed in areas of their development such as when using their first language).

Observation: Observations can be taken during lessons or in the playground. They record what the child is doing in a subjective way. It's most appropriate to use this method when child's development is causing concern. Assesment framwork: It is the way in which child is assessed to decide wheter they have any particular needs and waht these needs may be. It is useful in deciding wheter the child is reaching expected milestones of development in different areas.

The assessment framework is how children are assessed in school, e. g when a child reads, we write it in their reading records. Information from colleagues and carers: Parents/carers who know the child and colleagues expertise are invaluable, especially when planning for social and academic success for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. If we are concerned about child's development it's good to ask/share information. Standard measurements include health assessments, reasoning tests, cognitive aptitude tests (CATs) They are used to establish where children are developmentally compared to their peers.

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