Child Growth and Development

There are many theories of child development because we have been studying the field for so many years - Child Growth and Development introduction. Each theory has their different factors; biology, sociology, genetics, environment, relationships are just a few of them. “Thank you for making me so wonderful and complex”! (Psalms139:14). When one theory is formulated and used for awhile someone else may come behind that particular theorist and add some new points to expand the theory and then create a new one. That’s why I feel so many different theories exist.

I would have to say that my theory is composed of several ideas from several different people however there is one that I am partial to and it is; The Ecological Systems Theory. It has a huge role in all childrens’ lives and I feel this way because I see it all the time at work. Depending on the child and their living circumstances makes a great impact on how their send off with mom or dad is when they get dropped off for school. It reflects how they interact with the other children and how they deal with their friends crowding their space.

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The child’s environment can also make a huge impact on their life. If the child is exposed to mom and dad not getting along well, constantly fighting, or maybe he/she is just not getting enough attention from mom and dad the child may end up lashing out at school. If we know of these conditions it helps us understand what may have triggered the child to act the way that he/she did. The genetic make-up of a child definitely has something to do with how a child acts and goes through the stages of childhood.

If they have been blessed with good jeans, learning will probably come easier for them than someone else. If their genetic family make-up consists of being an only child or having siblings their actions would depend greatly on the number of children in the family. I feel that a childs development is always on a continuous pattern. Each day the child is exposed to different elements and environments so he/she is always learning new things. This creates a continuous pattern so their brain is always functioning and absorbing the new material.

Some children learn more through the hands on teaching technique versus the trial and error technique but both are very good ways for children to learn. Either way I feel that the child is still continuously learning on a daily basis. Children are all so different so there would really be no way to characterize all children with one course of development. That’s why I feel there are many courses. If the children were all the same the teachers would be bored and the parents would not have any challenges.

Some children pick things up faster than others so they are on a different level of development. Let’s say you are teaching a specific thing like counting to 10. Some of your students will learn every number in the correct order right from the beginning while others may get them out of order and may not even get all 10. This is why we group the children together in small groups while we are teaching so they can learn easier. This is why I feel there are many courses of development and you could not characterize all children together.

While children are developing it is really hard to say if genetics or environment factors play a bigger role. They are both very important in many ways but I think I would have to lean towards environment playing a larger role. This is because a child becomes accustom to his or her environment and they feel protected from everything when they are in their environment. If their environment is not one that is safe, or healthy, the child is not benefiting from their environment. They are too busy watching their back or trying to stay out of the way so they don’t get hurt.

It could actually harm their growth because they would be living in fear. When the child has a great environment they seem to learn more because they are comfortable and not afraid to try new things. They already know they have mom and dad’s acceptance so they can go onto trying new things and learning by trial and error or hands on without the feeling of failure. In most cases a child will grow up and follow in the footsteps they were brought up in. If a child had both sets of parents growing up they will more than likely be the same way when they grow up.

If a child was raised by only one parent they would probably follow the same pattern. It is also true that if a child has a family member involved in a gang or in the prison system they will more than likely be involved in the same scenario. If a child was to want a different lifestyle than what they grew up with they would have to work very hard not to fall in the same patterns they were raised in. “My little children, I am telling you this so that you will stay away from sin. ” (1 John 2:1).

I feel the childs environment can make a huge difference in their upbringing and happiness. I feel there is no theory that is right or wrong from another. I believe all theories have valuable information and they all have key elements that can bring insight to all children. In determining which theory will work best for you would depend on the age group you would be working with. Child development is very complex in itself because there are so many variables for each child and their situation. I hope you enjoyed my personal theory.

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