Child Neglect Essay

Child Neglect Child Neglect is a horrible thing that occurs in the United States of America everyday - Child Neglect Essay introduction. Millions of children are refused food, shelter and much other basic necessity. It is unfortunately an act that can sometimes not be as clear-cut as other crimes. Where someone getting robbed can be easily proven, it is hard to truly tell when a child is being neglected. Another thing that effect whether it is clear-cut abuse is, the fact that different places have different child rearing laws.

It also hard to determine if child psychological needs are being met, which is another part of neglect. There are many different types of neglect. When dealing with Physical neglect refers to not providing a child with basic necessities such as food clothes. Thing they need to live. Medical neglect deals with not providing the child with basic health care, medicine and not taking them to a doctor. Emotion neglect, (which is one of the hardest to prove) is when the parents fail to provide emotional support such as emotional security and encouragement.

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Educational neglect deals with failure to provide a child with experiences that help with necessary growth and development. This can be not sending a child to school or not providing them with an education. From what I have read, although the cause of child neglect is complex, it can be contributed to three different levels. First is intra-personal, This deals with mothers who have an inability to plan, lack of confidence about the future, challenges handling money, not knowing the Childs needs, not being emotionally mature, being a teenage mom.

Some can deal with mental health problems, particularly depression have been liked to child neglect. Substance abuse also leads to child abuse as well. All these factors affect how a parent copes with what their responsibilities are. Although this level of abuse can deal with fathers, it has been absent in study and remains largely unexposed. Due to the lack of study dealing with fathers neglect, it is hard to say if a mother’s neglect and a father’s neglect differ. Also it is not known whether neglect varies from boys to girls. Second level is inter-personal/Family.

When looking into a significant number of families with neglected children when family members come from abusive homes or are abused they tend to be more neglectful towards the child. In the UK having a child in an abusive home is seen as child neglect due to the fact you are not providing the child with the necessary and safe living environment. The last level is social/ economic. In studies conducted it has been shown that the environment in which a child is raised affects whether they are abused. Kids who come from homes of poverty tend to be more neglected.

This would make sense due to the fact that they have no money they cannot afford the things they need. Another issue with poverty is diversity. When you combined those two things you are more likely to see abuse from parents who cannot cope with stressors and undermine their capacity to adequately respond to Childs needs. In many cases of child, the people who are more likely to report it are women. It is believed that due to the fact that women tend to feel mothers should be responsible for meeting a child’s every need.

In recent studies it is shown that young, poor women with no partner, tend to kill the offspring non-violently or abandon them. Parent who often neglect their child tend to pay less attention to their child than a normal parent would. They tend to engage in less verbal ways and play less with the child, they can also be less affectionate with the child. It is often seen in families who have a few children, are single parents and are disabled. Mostly mothers who already have problems taking care of themselves. Child neglect is a problem many kids around the world must deal with.

Some homes of abusive parents, mentally ill and poor people can all lead to butting a child in an abusive home. Although it is not clear-cut who abuses more men or women, there are still many negative impacts on these kids. Kids who are neglected may suffer vary by age, race, religion and gentility. Fortunately, there are early intervention programs and treatments for child neglect. There are also many types of group counseling and social support services, behavioral skill training programs and many other things that provide help for the abuser and their victims.

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