Child Protection Policy Essay

Policy Document| Assessor Name: Yvonne Haywood| Candidate Name: Sera Hughes| Award/level: Level 2 Cert – Supporting teacher. | | LEGISLATION/POLICY TITLE (please delete as appropriate):Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. | Where is this policy/information kept in your workplace? School office. | Who is your point of contact with regard to this policy/information? The designated person is Susi Whittome and deputy designated people are Claire Eastwood, Patrick Hill, Wendy Proctor, Mary Farley and Liz Nzekwe. Units covered:| Summarise the main points of this policy:It identifies the responsible persons in the school and explains the purpose of the role, describing what should be done if anyone in school has a concern about the safety and welfare of a child at school.

In addition it identifies the particular attention that should be paid to “vulnerable “ children. Training expectations are also set out in the policy.

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Child Protection Policy
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It also outlines how complaints against staff in this context are handled in addition to detailing the record keeping and monitoring requirements.

It clarifies how children will be kept safe through the everyday life of school. | What are your responsibilities within this policy? To report instances of actual or suspected child abuse or neglect immediately to the Designated person with responsibility for child protection. Complete a Child Protection Concern sheet.

Be alert to the risks posed by strangers or others (including the parents or carers of other pupils) who may wish to harm children in school or pupils travelling to and from school and take reasonable steps to lesson such risks. In addition all staff are expected to adhere to a code of conduct in respect of their contact with pupils and their families within the safeguarding framework. | Have you attended any training within this policy? No| Candidate signature:Date| Assessor signature:Date:|

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