Childhood Of Malcom X

Humans are shaped through interactions and experiences with other individuals. What happened to us in the childhood directly forms our identity, character and morality. To display causality of this statement, I will examine childhood encounters of a man called Malcolm X and their impact.

Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X experienced childhood full of hurdles. He had to face them only because of the dark color of his skin. One of those hurdles was the murder of his father, who as Baptist minister fought for improvement of life of black community.Wrongful death of a head of the family bestowed intensive psychological pressures and financial difficulties on Malcolm and his family.

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Consequent unstable situation in the family forced very young Malcolm to steal, starve and to look desperately for food. Under these demoralizing circumstances at young age, he was pressured to violate the law to fulfill the very basic need for food. As soon as Malcolm’s mother unfairly lost her job because of her skin color, welfare state people ate away family’s pride and dignity.Their forced visits and conversations disintegrated the family by telling them lies against each other.

Welfare people finally brought family to its knees and separated its members from each other. Thus Malcolm was forced to leave behind the closest people to his heart. That left him naked to racist acts, opinions and judgments of white individuals who underestimated his abilities and skills. Absence of parents made it difficult for Malcolm to talk to someone about his problems.

Things that he experienced in school changed his life substantially.It’s known that teacher plays special role in the life of every student. However, teacher which young Malcolm seemed to trust discouraged and humiliated his talent despite excellent performance in school. Teacher Ostrowski was responsible in part for undermining Malcolm’s future.

Malcolm naturally expected his abilities to be reaffirmed by teacher, but instead he was discouraged to pursue his dream. It’s important to mention that Malcolm was never considered equal to any white student even though he was natural born leader and top student in school.He sensed mental and physical barrier which was projected by every white individual around him. Slowly in Malcolm’s head began creation of idea that white people with truly good intentions to people of color do not exist.

The superiority complex was so deeply ingrained in white people that in its effect some black individuals began to measure beauty by white standards. Malcolm was at one point put into detention home which really was not his own fault. This home was controlled by people named Swerlin – wife and husband. These people had double faces.

On one hand they were proud of young Malcolm but on the other they failed to recognize quality of his intellect and understanding simply based on his race. It should be noted that growing up in such a home does more harm than good because it weakens one’s ambition for improvement of life the and concept of his self-worth. There were critical times in Malcolm’s life when he needed someone who would accept him the way he was, rewarded his strengths and showed him the right path to reach his full potential. There was no one to guide him.

Despite of all this, Malcolm X did make a positive impact on society by revealing enemy-prejudice along with racism and took swift course of action to fight it. Malcolm’s X lifetime goals and achievements a made him better human being than any other important person because he possessed unique leadership to endure and combat conditions which society full of prejudice and racism still produces today for the people of color. His uncompromising quest for truth regardless of whom it affected made him distinct person and also made him lose his highest possession – his life.

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