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Children and watching Tv

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Children are spending way to much time watching television instead of going outside and running in the sun or playing with their friends. So T.V is a bad hobby being introduced to small children that later on that will be their weakness when trying to study or do homework. It will soon hit them as an obstacle and they will eventually start getting bad grades, becoming violent and rude, and maybe even dropping out of school. Violent kids, talking bad, rude, flunkers, ect.

Those are all examples of how your children will become with bad habits. Do you parents really want children to be? Don’t think so, research shows that children that spend numerous amount of time watching T.V by thy time that they graduate they will have spent more time watching Television than in classroom. Yes I know that television is entertaining you and may sometimes relive you from stress you may have, yes its like an escape from all your school problems and work.

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Children and watching Tv
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But, I strongly believe that children as well as adults shouldn’t b spending excessive amount of time on television they will become what we like to call “couch potatoes.” According to Facts for Families (source 1 page 1) is shows that some children may become over weight, have lower grades in school, exercise less, read fewer books. In conclusion to solve this problem try to sit down with your kids and view the programs they are watching select developmentally appropriate shows and most importantly show place limits in how long they are sitting down just doing nothing but watching T.V. also turn off T.V during family meals and study time. (page 2 of source 1) Children and Watching T.V shows how parents should encourage discussion with your children about what they are seeing no violent and rated R shows as watch shows with them.

The American academy of pediatrics (AAP) thinks that it will be better that children under the age of 2 watch no T.V at all. And that children older than 2 watch 1 to 2 hours of day of quality programming. Source 2 page #1 of (How TV Affects Your Child) That is when they are small and their brains are bearly learning how to do stuff and their brain is bearly developing. This article hows how as kids get older screen will interfere with their school activities such as getting in sports, physically active, reading , studying, playing with friends, and just spending some quality time with their families. Obesity is also one of the effects that (source 2 page# 3) on How
TV Affects Your Child shows. It states how helth experts have linked on excessive TV-watching to obesity. Whild kids are watching TV they tend to snack on stuff so imagine them watching TV for hours of the day how much fat there are gaining by not going outside and by just sitting there watching TV. They are bombareded with TV comercials that encourage them to eat unhealthy food such as hamburgers from restarrants and potatoe chips.

University of Michigan Health System Your Child shows on (page# 1) shows how yes TV does have its good side by showing for example educational shows, or by entertaining however, TV can affect kids health and may show shows that parents wouldent approve of their kids watching. It can also affect children in behavior with their family and school peers in a negative way. On thing that really impacted me is how source 2 page # 2 it shows how kids age 2-5 spend an approxametly of 32 hours a week in front of a TV! 71% of kids from age of 8-18 have a TV in their bedroom this hows how TV has a big precence in kids life. So over all kids just should have a control on how and how much they watch Tv. In conclusion there is articles that show and have research on how they have prove on how T.V is bound to bring negative impact on your childs life. They will not have a healthy life, no social life, and communication with their peers and friends will be low for the cause of the television. So start getting rid of the bad habbits that your child is having if you care of their social and school life.9

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