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China Emerging Power

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The United States of America has been the superpower for couple of centuries and still is. But after Beijing 2008 Olympics and even couple years before the event, the world recognized China as a powerful, emerging nation that is attempting to catch up with America. Evidently China is on the rise and no one can deny that fact as news channels and online news sites are constantly discussing issues about China.

As China is becoming the World’s greatest rising power it is important to be aware of the factors that made China a leading power and also to examine what is holding them back as they are striving to become the most modernized and powerful nation.

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China Emerging Power
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Historically, Chinese students have been studying in America for more than 150 years and they have played a subtle role in constructing modern China and America. In the past, many historians have researched and studied mostly about Chinese immigrants in America but not much about Chinese students as they were usually put in the same category as immigrants.

From this research I have learned that the Chinese students who studied in America made an important contribution to the acceptance of modern American ideals and there is growing number who wants to study in America. Due to Chinese students getting education from the current superpower, America, China is now looming as the next superpower. In this paper, I will first briefly touch up on the history of Chinese students studying abroad in America since many think it started in the late 20th century. Also, I will examine how and why China started emerging as one the leading powers in the world.

In addition I will discuss the problems students faced in America and also what they are facing in China. I will conclude by mentioning a possible direction China and America are heading. In doing this research, I have mainly used Land Without Ghosts by Arkush as a primary source and several different secondary sources which I have gathered from the UCI Langson library. Using the limited resources available, I will articulate the various accounts of Chinese students who studied in America in order to highlight the details of China.

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