Chinese and American Cultural Differences Essay

There are many differences in eastern and western culture - Chinese and American Cultural Differences Essay introduction. Eastern and western cultures have different views on the way an individual views him or herself. The types of friendships and relationships individuals have with others. Family life including how many children each culture has. How each culture views oneself and differ will be examined. Americans are taught from a young age to be individualists. American individuals are often celebrating his or her personal accomplishments and success even in team sports. Chinese individuals are taught the exact opposite. More emphasize is placed on the collective group rather than the individual.

Chinese individuals think about how their specific actions will affect the group. If for any reason the action will affect anyone negatively the action will not be completed. Americans into adulthood want to be entrepreneurs, leaders, and a person with many accolades. Chinese culture is more modest. Children are taught that he or she has to be the best involving academics. More emphases is on learning rather than sports or entertainment. In American culture praise is given more often to children than in Chinese culture. Both cultures place a high value on relationships.

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Chinese and American Cultural Differences
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The Chinese culture an individual has few friends. The relationship lasts a lifetime. The friendship is similar to a marriage. If an individual needed anything if the friend can provide he or she will. In American culture an individual has many friends. The relationships are usually not as close as Chinese culture but can be. These relationships can last a lifetime but may alter throughout an individual’s life. It is not surprising for an American to end a friendship. In American culture the more friendships he or she has could make an individual more popular and could be considered a status symbol.

In American culture even acquaintances are considered friends. Communication exists through voice, technology, and social media. In Chinese culture friends and neighbors often stop by an individual’s residence without an invitation. He or she is welcomed warmly and openly. In American culture this is not welcomed and considered disrespectful. In both cultures if an individual is invited to a residence he or she, is greeted warmly and with a smile. The host would have a meal available for the guest with drinks included. Marriage and dating is similar and different in both cultures.

Chinese culture frowns upon dating until a person is in his or her late twenties. In American culture teenagers are encouraged to date many individuals. Marriage is allowed at any time but occurs less in American culture. In an American relationship nothing is off limits and the individuals discuss whatever is on his or her minds. When communication ceases this is a sign that the relationship may be declining. In Chinese culture the individuals are less talkative and often do not discuss their opinions on every subject.

There is more agreement with date options and fewer opinions on what the individual may like to do. It is not uncommon in a relationship for an individual to not tell the other I love you. Child bearing is different in both cultures. There are limitations placed on the number of children an individual can have in Chinese culture. The effects of this are a smaller family. It is not uncommon for each parent not to have any siblings. There are no child limitations in place for Americans even still the average household has two children.

American culture the household can be mixed with different ethnicities; this would be unlikely in a Chinese household. Americans are also more likely to adopt and have several different make-ups of a family unit. Eastern and western cultures though, very different do have some similarities. Neither is the right or wrong way. Though very different each can produce the same outcome. An individual who has friendships with others that last a lifetime, a dating relationship that results in marriage. Then eventually children one day who are raised with the same values he or she may have.

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