Choice Of Frontier Lines Research Paper Essay

Choice Of Frontier Lines Essay, Research Paper


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Choice Of Frontier Lines Research Paper
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Improbable frontiers by

pick, no determination to halt. ? Governor

who wanted to gain regard by spread outing his state? frontiers congealed

around the orders of the imperium: they arose by default? ?

Disapproval by authors

of unprofitable enlargement? Britain non truly worth it? deduction non

resist profitable enlargement, Claudius desires honour of taking Britain. ? No hard in asseverating small economic R

fiscal ground?

Purposes of war adjusted

harmonizing to wars? balance between defense mechanism and conquering. ?

Existing boundary in

East ne’er satisfactory non even Nero? OK Britain and Germany efforts to

expand, attempts to repress Persians in Mesopotamia more frequent and persisted

after warfare in other countries became chiefly defensive. ? Even in these countries non impossible to make up one’s mind that they might derive

the enterprise and spread out imperium instead than remain and drive foraies? instance reign

Justinian. ?

? Impossible to state quest for defendable

boundary lines? many wars of enlargement, some so called defensive wars can be seen as


s of aggression. ? Trying to derive

power and self-respect. ?

Again Historians

ignore statements at the clip? just to impute Roman determination shapers with

motivations and calculations. ? Nothing incorrect

coevalss of traveling for glorification and honor? even Britain and Armenia no

practical good. ?

Harmonizing to Ammianus

Julian went to war with Persians for 3 grounds: 1.

Punish for old

war 2.

Tired of idling?

Certain cements from

Emperors explain purposes of wars? reasonably inexplicit. ?

Contemporary beginnings

make non give Emperors the benefit of the door? ambitious and vena?

Modern ideas that

responsibility emperor to protect his citizens? but as we have seen Roman Mesopotamia

self-defense? yes if assimilated long plenty? but Tacitus negotiations of Rebels

? non yet broken by servitude? . ?

Protection against all signifiers of onslaught non a guaranteed right? other

precedences unity of ground forces, sovereignty of imperium, safety of certain countries

particularly in Italy. ? Protection against

foreign aggression less of import than sometimes thought.

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