Choose an Object to Buy

Choose an Object to Buy

In the future I plan to purchase a home built from my specifications. Currently our family of six lives in a meager space of 1100 square feet.  My plans describe a six bedroom, three bathroom family home on three levels with a garage and finished basement. The basement will house a play room, a fireplace, and laundry room. Three of the bedrooms (including the master bedroom) and one bath will comprise the middle floor. The top floor will consist of the other three rooms and two baths. The second floor will have an extension so that a dining room, a kitchen, a computer room, and a library will fit comfortably within its space. Brick will form the external walls, and between the exterior and the interior walls will be six inches of insulation. The plans call for a large backyard of at least 400 square feet, fenced, with sufficient room for a swing set, a small vegetable garden, and barbecuing equipment.  The garage will have enough room for two vehicles, several bicycles, and my tools. The garage will have an automatic door opener. The garage will be connected to the house, but will not have any of the living quarters directly over it.  The home’s temperature will be controlled with a central heating and air conditioning unit.

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Once built, this house will meet all the needs of my family. My eldest daughter is coming of age and so needs her own bedroom and bath to allow her the time to primp and prepare herself in a manner socially acceptable to her peers. The other children will have plenty of room to study, play, and grow without too much scrutiny from their parents. I will be able to read and study without the continual noises of family projects. I hope to graduate and build my dream house. As I look over my plans, and see the growing needs of me and my family, I see how it will accommodate all of our needs and maybe some of our fantasies for years to come.

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