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Chowan University

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Chowan University

            People have different preferences in life. Some would opt for the more traditional way of being successful through working independently. On the other hand, there were some who would opt to render their services to those in dire needs.

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Chowan University
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            My admission to the Chowan University would come as an advantage of many sorts. I would be able to hone myself academically, at the same time improve my craft in becoming a well rounded individual. The institution aims to help the students become the best they can by allowing them to express their innermost emotions.

As a church related institution, the university would be able to imbibe in me the Christian doctrines that would help me with my spiritual life.

            I have always believed that some are born leaders, while others improve in order to become a good leader. In order to be such, people should learn to be good followers. For one, I would make sure that I would take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of people who would fall under my command.

As the school has instilled in me, I would make sure that all people are treated fairly and equally, with no one forming feelings of disrespect and discrimination. In my eyes, all of them would be equal, having the same rights and opportunities.

            Furthermore, I would also make sure that I would give my full attention to my craft and chosen profession. In this manner, I would develop a certain interest for my chosen profession; at the same time make sure that I have worked hard in everything that I do. Moreover, I would also treat my inferiors like family. Like normal Christians, we would all work together in order to fulfill the assigned task by the given time. Love and care for the environment also starts at a young age and should not be taken for granted. Through my hard work and dedication in life, I hope that many would be touched and inspired to be of service to those who are in need. Life is short, and we should all live it to the fullest.

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